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Half & half…



Obvious to me is not obvious to everyone else…

I knew that, of course. But sometimes, I’m faced with something I thought was so universally obvious that I get surprised.

This morning, Chéri decided to prepare a grapefruit for my breakfast, and when he brought my plate, with a little spoon and some sugar, I smiled. Instead of cutting my grapefruit just like on the picture above, making it ”easy” to scoop up the pulp, he had cut it the other way.

What’s wrong? – Chéri asked.

I explained that the fruit was not cut the right way, but that it didn’t matter, because we could cut the two halves into quarters. He went back to the kitchen and came back soon after…




Yeah… Obvious is not always obvious. 

But sometimes, that’s just cute… 

16 thoughts on “Half & half…

    1. No worries, Gorgeous, there is no judgement here. I just find it funny to realize that I might have a super power of seeing through grapefruit’s thick peel 😉

      I hope that you and hubby are doing well… I heard that you were back to lockdown?

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      1. Alas, yes. 😦 Job hunting now, because if this is going on indefinitely I need to find something more purposeful and supportive to keep my morale up. Working part-time in a depressing job was fine while I had lots going on to build me up, but nowadays…


    1. Mouahahahahahaha I agree… For a snack, I prefer the wedges too. But for breakfast, I like to scoop my grapefruit from the peel. Despite the risk of getting sprayed in the eye… But I wear glasses, so maybe that’s why I don’t mind it LOL


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