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I miss you…



2019… I do miss you like a lot of people I know.

You had your flaws (almost taking Dad away from us made me want to hate you for good) but overall, you were not such a bad year. 

Scrolling through my traveling pictures tonight, I found this shot that immortalized you. I was in Klitmøller back then. It wasn’t planned, but boy am I glad I made that unexpected bus trip.

Not many people know that Denmark has an amazing surfing spot. 




Nicknamed Cold Hawaii, the cutest little town welcomes Viking surfers during summer. I wish I had known before… I might have booked a class or two. My bad.

Oh geez, I can’t wait untill I can fly to Denmark again… Thirteen months is already too much of a wait to meet again. Even if I got to meet with Australia in the meanwhile.

I don’t really care about not being allowed to go to the restaurant or the movie theater, but I really miss running away to other places in the World.

Do you? 


3 thoughts on “I miss you…

    1. I miss these gatherings too… And quite frankly, we’re not expecting to have any this Christmas. But the decorations will be put up before time at our apartment 😉 I’ll post pictures when we do. xx

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