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I’m in…

Screenshot_20201006-141405_COVID Alert

I try my best not to blog about covid-19…

I know it is useless to rant about it, because we are (literally) all in the same boat. Whining is futile, and quite honestly, I think that everybody is tired to read about it. 

I am too.

But it makes me really angry when I see people denying the dangers of the  disease. When I hear stories on the news about people who were diagnosed with it, yet kept going to the restaurant, to bars, or attended rather large family and friends’ gatherings, infecting a large number of guests… It just pisses me off.

The same people, that are now complaining about restaurants, bars, theaters and gyms having to close down for at least four weeks.

At least.

They plead they need to be able to go out, gather with friends and mingle.

Today, with a total of 1364 new cases for the last 24 hours, we still haven’t seen the worst of the second wave. People are worried about not being able to celebrate Halloween, well, I doubt we’ll be able to see our families for Christmas… 

So what can we do?

It is so simple, it makes it annoying that a minority is scrapping everyone else’s efforts:

  1. Stay home! It can’t possibly be easier than that. I know that it gets boring at times, but it can’t be worse than knowing that a loved one is fighting for their live, just because you couldn’t handle being bored.
  2. Wash your hands, keep a two meters distance from people that don’t live with you, and if you can’t, wear a mask! Oh, and after 7 months, I can’t believe that some people haven’t figured what the arrows mean, on stores’ floors.
  3. If you develop symptoms, get tested! And if your test comes out positive, self-isolate. You must have at least one person you care enough about to protect by not exposing them to the virus. And the cashier lady at the grocery store is that someone special for someone else. Think about it!   

And as recommended by our government yesterday, download the Covid Alert application. I know that a lot of people are worried about confidentiality issues, but from what I know about it, there are more risks for your identity if you have a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account. (Having all three myself, I figured I wasn’t taking much chances)

Of course, you could state the still low percentage of people using it… But if everybody thinks that way, it’ll never be effective. I, for one, don’t leave our apartment more than once every two or three weeks. So the app won’t be of much interest for Cheri and I. We downloaded it anyway.

Because we care. 

Do you? 


7 thoughts on “I’m in…

  1. My issue is not how dangerous it is for some, but how it’s become politicized. How can church be bad, but rioting is ok? That’s what’s going on here in the US. Unsafe for one, unsafe for all or bust.

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    1. I agree with you Rob. I don’t know how things are in your state, but it seems like no matter the state (or the province, for us), it is very difficult to find measures that are both effective, fair and clear. I almost feel lucky to work at home… That way, I can stay in unless it’s absolutely necessary. Covid-19 won’t sneak in during the night, my doors are locked! LOL I hope you’re doing well 🙂 xx


  2. YES! I agree, I know we will be having Christmas for two , my husband and me. Thanksgiving this weekend will be the same. However the other in-laws will all be at our daughters’. She cannot convince them to come neither can her husband. And…the come from 3 hours away and STAY with our daughter and son in law! What the ….??? We are going to see our Grandson who turns 6 on Saturday and we will go up on Friday and take him for a take away McDonalds and eat in the park with him. I have two little books for him and a Happy Birthday Banner for the actual day. Then we will drive home again! Anyway sorry for ranting on here but it really pisses me off. Thanks for your post.I know I am not alone.

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    1. Oh wow, I sure hope all will be well for your daughter and her in-laws… It seems risky to me too, although I know that Ontario hasn’t dropped the ball as badly as we have (good for you guys!!) Chéri and I are already preparing to refuse both our parents’ invitations for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. They live in an area that hasn’t been too badly affected, and we are expecting they will be a little insistant. But living in Canada’s epicenter, we’ll not take any chance… I hope you’ll have an amazing time with your grandson 🙂 I’m sure you’ll have a great, yet safe time. No reason to appologize, I think many of us are really annoyed (who wouldn’t be, after 7 months of a world pandemic??) You can rant all you want, in The Cove, you’ve long earned your VIP pass 😉 xx


  3. We are doing our best but it also doesn’t help that the province has not been using common sense. I downloaded the app when it was first available a while back and just deleted it off my cell because I have doubts about its efficiency. If a person is tested for Covid, it is for a reason, right? If they have a reason, they should be going straight home after their test until they get their results. So if they go home and stay there, why would my cell notify me that I was in contact with them? And if I am home 95% of the time…same logic. It is also dependent on the Covid positive person to input the one time code into the app so if they choose not to…

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    1. I agree with you… It is not perfect yet. I totally understand your doubts. It is my understanding that if someone is responsible enough to get tested and report a positive result to the app, people who have been in contact with them a number of days before the result of the test will get noticed. (but I might be wrong) I do understand your ”being at home 95% of the time” point too, since it is what I am doing. But I think that the more people will be using the app, the more effective it will become. Unfortunately, we have to rely on our fellow citizens to do the right thing. I know I’m doing everything I can to stay safe, keep Chéri safe, and keep other Montrealers safe. I know you do it too, and I thank you for that 🙂 Bizoux xx


  4. Thanks for this post. I hope your Canadian neighbors pay more attention to the rules than your American neighbors to the south do. I simply cannot believe the attitude of some people – including our POTUS. They seem to be the adult versions of spoiled children who don’t know the meaning of “no”, or “follow the rules”.

    I saw an internet article (more like a blurb) a few days ago that said with Canada being next to the US, they must feel like living in a second floor apartment above a meth lab. I’m ashamed of the way our gov’t has handled this; of our so called president; and my local neighbors who blatantly ignore the rules. Does this disease have to hit home to each of those families before they “get it”? The Good Lord only knows.


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