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What I learnt during this challenge…



Oh geez, I am pissed right now.

I just wrote an about 500 words long post about today’s subject, that got swiped off the Bloggosphere surface while I was checking my emails, before saving it (yeah I now… my bad!)

Funny though, because the main lesson I guess I have learnt from this 30 days long challenge is that I managed to hang on (so far) although I was convinced I would give up way before reaching the finish line.

Murphy, you’re a jerk!!

I could have not re-written this post, but it felt like scrapping the very lesson I thought I had learnt, that no matter what, I could publish something.

I am going to complete this challenge, no matter what.

Our new life pace, and being home twenty four hours a day, hardly ever alone, has had obvious impacts on my inspiration and imagination. But I don’t want to let that kill my will to write.

It is late now… I need to go.

But tomorrow, I’ll hit the ”save” button before my (much more interesting) words get erased. *ughh*

That’s a promise.


What about you? What’s something you recently learnt about yourself? If you’d like to read Marquessa’s thoughts about it, click here.

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