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What are your Top Three pet peeves…



For today’s challenge, I decided to focus on pet peeves related to traveling… Because I miss being able to travel, and I guess a (very thin) silver lining to this pandemic, is that I won’t have to put up with these annoying people for a while.

So here it is… My top three pet peeves when traveling!


Gentlemen, start your engines!

I don’t have anything against people that move around in a plane. Even though it definately is not the best place to take a walk to shake off your boredom. To be fair, I don’t expect anyone to fly eight hours straight without a visit to the lavatory. BUT, there is a category of people who seem to be part of a secret ”race your way to the toilet” tournament, just after take off. You can spot them, as the plane leaves ground, because they are staring at the seatbelt sign, waiting patiently for it to turn off. No matter how long the flight, no matter how big the plane, you’ll see them racing to the restroom as if their life depended on it. I remember one particular flight, when there were so many people rushing in the aisles, that the flying crew had to make an announcement on the speakers, saying that only so many people would be allowed to wait in line at a time.

I mean, people, they do have bathrooms in airports… All airports. And they are much more spacious than the plane’s. That’s a promise!


You know I have knees, right?

I get that if they made plane seats that can be pushed back, it is ok to get in a more laid back position. I don’t mind if you make yourself comfortable. But do you really need to push it so far back, that I can breathe to your ear? Seriously, if you can feel my boobs through the seat, it means that you have to straighten it up a little. And for God’s sake, remember that we all eat at the same time… You might enjoy your meal ”Roman feast” style, but that means me having to hold my drink at all times, because of the less than convenient angle of my tray, and the fact that I don’t even see my food. And don’t pretend you don’t know… I know you noticed my loud and repetitive sighing down your neck!


And the award goes to…

This third one is specific to flights with a majority of Québécois travelers. Not only does it totally annoy me, it makes me ashamed to be from Québec. See, we (I should say ”they”, as I’ve never, EVER done it myself, and I would never do it) have this (totally ridiculous) habit of applauding after landing.  Yup, my people like to greet their Captain for taking them safely to destination.  Isn’t this the Captain’s job?? And to be quite honest, it is in his best interest not to crash…  But hey! What do I know? Some of these people would probably tell me that it is nice to greet the crew. I wonder if they applaude taxi drivers, or their dentist too? I know I don’t… and it doesn’t mean that I am not grateful for a job welldone!


Rant over… So, what about you? What would be three of your pet peeves?

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2 thoughts on “What are your Top Three pet peeves…

  1. 1) Ass holes who try to bring everything they own in board to avoid checking it. They take up 3x the overhead space and take forever putting their shit in the bins.

    2) Parents who let their kids constantly kick the back of my seat.

    3) Same parents who don’t pay attention to their kids, allowing them to be loud, rude, and disrespectful of others.

    Bonus: drunk pilots. 🤣


  2. Oops! The comment I ws as writing disappeared! As soon as I see #2 starting, my knees block the seat, usually it solves the problem.


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