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Five annoying types of callers…



For those of you who wouldn’t know it by now, my job is to provide technical support over the phone. So, to vulgarize, I spend most of my days playing the detective and trying to solve myseries and fix problems, based only on what I hear and what I say. I wouldn’t say that I am among the best tech-support agents in town, but I probably would qualify as one of the most patient. I know that most people will never be comfortable with the lottery terminals we provide support for. I rarely lose my cool with customers. But occasionally,  one of them gets on my nerves, and makes me use all my energy on not being rude and/or sarcastic.

Here are five customers categories, you’ll probably recognize if you’ve worked in a calling center, in the tech-support field, at some point in your life…



The one that thinks you are a magician;

You’d think that since technical support is a service that’s been provided by many companies for decades, people are aware of how it works. Think again. It is surprising the number of people who don’t find it necessary to be close to their terminal when they call us. As a matter of fact, many will walk all the way to their backstore office to make their call. Of course, when asked to move back to the front of the store, a deep sigh of disappointment precedes the 5 minutes waiting time. I wonder if they leave their car home, when they go to the garage, to discuss that weird sound, or the new warning light on their dashboard with a mechanic?

The one that won’t breathe, nor listen;

Some people seem to call tech-support out of boredom. They do have a technical problem to report, but solving it obviously isn’t their main concern. These men and women just wanna talk. And they’ll give up breathing to make sure you can’t get yourself into their monologue. They start with something slightly related to some technical problem and then they ramble on for minutes, just happy to have an audience that can’t hang up on them. If for some reason you manage to squeeze a comment in, they absolutely ignore any test you ask them to do, or any question you might try to ask. These are an absolute nightmare for workers whose calls are timed, and who are evaluated on how fast they can solve problems.

The one that thinks they know it all;

There is nothing glamorous about working in technical support, but some people feel the need to try to show you that they know better than you anyway. They’ll claim to have some level of education in the technical field, and give you an exhaustive list of tests they have done (most of which would have been totally useless, given their problem) prior to calling. They welcome any test you ask them to perform with a doubtful tone (if it could work, they would definately have tried it before calling), and make creative theories, as you try to solve their problem. If you can’t fix their device and have to send a technician on site, you can hear the ”I told you so” in the tone of their voice. But if you do fix it, the call ends abruptly.

The one that doesn’t have time;

This usually applies more to large stores, but not exclusively. You can spot these customers at the beginning of the call, because they keep talking to their clients as you try to find out the reason they are calling, to show you how busy they are. These people will put the phone down on the counter unexpectedly, sometimes without the slightest warning. Others will stay with you through the whole call, but will repeatedly sigh loudly and ask that you send a technician because they are in a hurry and don’t have time to perform the easiest and quickest tests ”online”, which is ridiculous knowing that having a technician’s visit takes several hours. I think that these customers forget that they called our center, and not the other way around…

The disgusting one;

By far the worst, in my opinion. I can pretty easily deal with any kind of attitude, but there are a few things that drive me mad for sure when they happen. And calling with a mouth full of food is just beyond me. Why ô why would anyone do that?? Still, some people just do, and let me tell you that when you talk to roughly a hundred persons per day, hearing loud chewing and masticating as you try to do your job is just the rudest thing. How hungry are you, really, if you can’t wait to take that bite after our five minutes long call?? But there’s worse… I once had a man that called me from the bathroom. (!!!!!) I already suspected it because of the echo in the room, but when I heard the ”stream”, I just couldn’t believe it! Come on!!  I think we should be allowed to hang up on these people.


Have you ever worked in the tech-support or customer service field, yourself? Did you have to deal with this kind of callers, and/or do you have any category of your own?

4 thoughts on “Five annoying types of callers…

  1. I was customer service on the phone, I got into a shit ton of trouble when they listened into one of my phonecalls with a regular and we were using our own special phonetic alphabet, it was rude without appearing to be rude, unless you figured out what we were doing, apparently the next call I went back to using the boring one

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  2. My favourite calls is when employees who may be travelling for the company and claiming petrol expenses etc (usually managers) would call me and ask for help filling out their expenses for. My favourite question was this: THERE IS A COLUMN ON THE LEFT THAT SAYS DATE AT THE TOP – WHAT DO I PUT THERE?”
    It was amazing how many employees earning £25,000-£60,000 were asking me the most obvious questions.


  3. Years ago, I used to be the “gate-keeper” for my employer, as part of my receptionist job. I used to get some callers who tried to intimidate me into putting calls through to my boss, and got downright threatening, saying they would report me, and I’d lose my job. Of course they were bluffing, but it was disturbing just the same.


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