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Unusual Toppings – LCPP

Basil René launched a photography challenge: The Life Captured Photo Prompt. Why don’t I let him explain the challenge himself…

Each week on Saturday I will post a photo prompt and if you wish to participate, post a photo on your blog any day from Saturday through Friday and ping it back to my original post, tagging it LCPP and leave a comment in my weekly post linking back to your post so I can take a look. That’s it. Let’s have some fun with this.

So here’s my take on this week’s prompt: Unusual Toppings




Fingertips on your pizza, anyone??



2 thoughts on “Unusual Toppings – LCPP

    1. Hahahahaha yes I can hear the eye-rolling from here 😉 But it was pretty yummy! Chéri and I were in Odense, Denmark and that night, we had planned to go to this very classy restaurant that served Danish cuisine, but they didn’t have any place for us when we got there. We had to settle for a pizzeria instead. I was almost done eating when I asked Chéri ”Don’t these sausages look like cut fingertips??” We had quite a laugh 😉

      Always a pleasure to dig up something to match your great themes 🙂 xx

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