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Holding hands…


Funny, isn’t it, how the simplest detail can trigger long deeply burried memories…

She sat in the park all alone, or so she thought. There was no point, really, for her to be sitting there. The weather was nice, but far from perfect. The grey clouds weren’t threatening, but they gave the sun light a sad shade. She liked that. It meant less passers by, and more time counting the ducks on the small lake, by herself.

When she came to this place, she wasn’t waiting for anything or anyone. Just a little one on one with herself, to escape her noisy home. But visit doesn’t always announce itself, and at one point, she spotted them, walking her way.

Two young people, a man and a woman. Not especially good looking, nor lacking charm, just very average. Not a couple, at least to her opinon. Maybe just not yet… Or even not anymore.

They were walking by her, oblivious of her presence on the bench between two huge trees, when they suddenly halted. They were close, but not quite enough for her to hear their dialogue. She didn’t really mind, especially when, out of nowhere, they held hands before her for a couple of seconds, before starting walking again.

They quickly left her field of vision, but she was already gone down Memory Lane.

She had shivers, remembering his face. It had been so long… Thirty, no thirty two years, and a half to be precise, since she had stored this moment in her precious souvenir box. They had met, in the most improbable ways, and had savoured every minute together Life had granted them.

As they were about to part ways, not knowing if they’d ever meet again, he had appologized for not having any gift to give her, to remember him from. She wanted to tell him she couldn’t ever forget him, even if she would have wanted to. But wanting to reassure him, she had smiled and spoken this very words…

There’s one thing you could give me. It doesn’t cost a dime, and it won’t take any space in my already full packed bag…

Shyly, she had held her hand towards. To her surprise, he had taken it, in a very soft and tender way. She remembered rubbing her thumb on his rough skin. He had hard working hands, and she secretly liked that about him… Amongst other things. It had probably lasted only twenty or thirty seconds, but there was something very intimate about it.

She wondered if he remembered too. Probably not.

For all she knew, he could be dead by now.

As her mind had wandered, the clouds had parted. It was getting hot, too hot to stay in the park.

She stood up, grabbed her stroller, and headed back to her senior home. Holding the sweet memory close to her heart.


15 thoughts on “Holding hands…

      1. The story is quite touching. It made me feel giddy, reminiscent of young love… I had to wonder what happened to them, have they really parted… I guess part of me is afraid of the inevitable; that somehow, our love will just become mere memories…

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      2. I understand… and it is a bit sad to imagine that love might be doomed to become a bouquet of sweet souvenirs. But I think it is worth living anyway, if only to have memories to warm us on cold lonely nights.

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