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Nombril de semaine…



Happy Wednesday, Lovelies!

I’m a bit on the late side, with my Nombril de Semaine, this week, because today was quite a busy day. But I really wanted to continue this ”Bloggers I follow since the beginnings of The Cove” list.

Shall we start?


Something to Ponder About

I hadn’t realized I had followed Amanda for that long… But it isn’t that surprising when you know the lady a little. For one thing, Amanda has Danish roots. Oh yeah, she’s that lucky, and our commong love for Vikingland was sure to bring us together someday. That finally happened last February when I got to meet her in person in Australia! What a treat!! Amanda is just incredibly kind and fun to be around, and I am sure you’ll enjoy reading her thoughts about life in general. Wise words from a wise woman!


Annette Rochelle Aben

If there’s one blogger connected to the angel realm, in the Bloggosphere, it has to be Annette! Her blog is packed with positivity and inspirational thoughts, and her ”Angel Messages” posts brought tears to my eyes more than once. On Annette’s blog, words find you when you need them… Thank you Annette! xx


Suziland Too or Obsolete Childhood

Madame Suze…. Let me take a minute here. Suze is most definately one of the most colorful (in many ways) bloggers I’ve had the chance to ”meet”. She is opinionated, ”in your face” and straight forward. Yet, she has a soft and sweet side and a sense of humor that knows no boundary. If you get bored with Madame Suze, it means that you are a little dead inside. I love you Suze, even if we don’t get to blog-party like we used to. Don’t ever change your wild ways!!  Muuuuuuuuahh!!



Irene is a very dear lady to me too! Our paths crossed probably because of Denmark, where she was born and raised. She had an online handmade jewlery store until she suddenly got very ill years back. But she has Viking blood running through her veins, and after a forced hiatus, she is back to blogging (and to hand crafting her beautiful jewels). Please pay Irene a visit, she is a most kind lady!


Tanya Cliff

I must admit, I don’t know Tanya much, on a personal level… But we follow each other’s blogs from a distance since my beginnings as a blogger. She just writes beautifully, and if you visit her blog, you’ll most likely end up following her too.



Carolina is an amazing water painting artist. She plays with colors much better than I play with words. Her art sometimes reminds me of Margaret Keane’s ”Big eyes” series. We’ve played a ”song inspired haïku” challenge together (thinking about it, I should post one again soon) and we share a common love for Imagine Dragons (I was supposed to see them this summer… Dang corona virus!!) Seriously, check Carolina out, your eyes will thank you!


Tom Slatin

Another visual artist. Thomas is an amazing photographer. He really has an eye for things and sceneries that would usually be just odd. He can make the usual look amazingly cool. I am a fan of his art, and I hope he knows by now.



Kelley offers a blog of various ways of improving your everyday life by creating things out of simple items we all own. I am always impressed to see her creativity. Definately worth a visit… Even if you don’t start crafting, you’ll enjoy the ideas!


The Next Chapter

Home of Marquessa Matthews, great writer, and part time gardener and bread maker! Marquessa lives in Montreal like me, and as a matter of fact, she’s the blogger I know, who is geographically speaking, the closest to me. I secretly wish we could meet. Maybe, when lockdown is over… Staying at a safe distance. What do you say, Marquessa?


Welcome to my World

Last but certainly not least… Colin, my dear Giant. Colin has been on a long hiatus, but recently came back to blogging. The Scottish man can write enticing sexy stories aswell as he rants about his daily life. I hope he’s back for good… Only time will tell. I really hope you’ll pay him a visit to encourage him to stay. He sure has his place in the Bloggosphere.


There you go… Ten more men and women that are really worth a visit to me. I hope you’ll click on at leat one link 😉 Until next week…



5 thoughts on “Nombril de semaine…

  1. Thank you for mentioning my blog and for a list of interesting bloggers to explore and meet. I am ever so grateful we got the chance to meet here. I could easily have missed your posts about coming to Australia, you could have planned your departure date a little later and Covid would have stopped you from travelling; the flight might have been cancelled; I could have been working that day and been unable to meet; we may not have found each other in the city, but I am ever so glad we did. The universe conspired for us to meet. We both have been blogging for a long time and even though our blogs move in different circles and time zones, and time may pass between comments but know that you are always welcome at my blog and my home, my friend!

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  2. Oh my lovely sweet friend from Freezingland, you absolutely made my day! Someday, someday…..I want to go to Freezingland and meet you…just to give you a huge hug…and possibly to find that silly donkey again to steal him for more visits (and blog posts) about my hometown.. I’m off now to check out three people I didn’t know existed until you wrote about them here. Thanks my darling!


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