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Giving support – LCPP

Basil René just launched a new photography challenge: The Life Captured Photo Prompt. Why don’t I let him explain the challenge himself…

Each week on Saturday I will post a photo prompt and if you wish to participate, post a photo on your blog any day from Saturday through Friday and ping it back to my original post, tagging it LCPP and leave a comment in my weekly post linking back to your post so I can take a look. That’s it. Let’s have some fun with this.

So here’s my take on this week’s prompt: Giving support



And since Basil is bringing up the subject of ”bringing support”, I thought I should mention that the man has three separate blogs, all worth a visit…

Life captured: A b-e-a-u-tiful photography blog. In these times of confinment, come and travel through Basil’s eyes… He really knows how to capture interesting lines and awesome landscapes.

A Chef Talks Food: Basil is a professional chef, and shares his thoughts and knowledge about food, kitchen gadgets and cooking in general… I especially recommend the Great Home Made Bread Picture Battle because… Hmmm, yeah! I had something to do with it, hehehehe.

Life As An Anomaly: Basil discusses about Life, dealing with sarcoidosis. This is how I found him, shortly after the doctors started to mention the possibility that it could explain Chéri’s health problems. Basil knows more about the condition, then anyone else I know. If you or a loved one have to live with sarcoidosis, you’ll find tons of useful information in this blog.

6 thoughts on “Giving support – LCPP

    1. Thank you 🙂 It was taken in a falconry in Brisbane… That feather ball seemed to love cameras 😉 hehehehe

      You’re welcome for the shout out… I took the liberty of sharing your new challenge with Cee Neuer (I don’t know if you know her… if you don’t I can give you a link to her blog) She has a page where she shares many photo and writing prompts and challenges… And she is quite a photographer herself 🙂

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  1. LOVE the falcon shot! That is one bad ass looking bird – my favorite kind. The predators fascinate me, as did working in the aerospace industry building airplanes.

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    1. So glad you enjoyed the picture 🙂 I love preying birds too… I once attended a falconry show in France, and they would let people in the audience participate to the show. I had the chance to put on one of these leather gloves, and hand-feed a large eagle. It was memorable, to say the least 🙂


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