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Deadly dilemma – Blogger Community



When Saumya asked me to join the writing project she had prepared for her new blog, Blogger Community, I was glad to accept the invitation. I waited for my turn to add a chapter to the ongoing story, and here’s my humble contribution.

If you’d like to join in, just click here to know all the details, and leave a comment. Saumya will get in touch with you, when your turn to write is up!

But first, our story…


Her elbows resting on the wooden sill, Zoe was staring out her window again. In moments like these, she wondered if she had just dreamt the last couple of day’s events. Everything had gone so fast, and so well… She still doubted their secret plans to break her unwanted wedding would actually work. But for […]

via Chapter 6 – Deadly dilemma #Jugalbandi — Blogger Community

You can also read the first chapters by clicking on the following links:

2 thoughts on “Deadly dilemma – Blogger Community

  1. You really ‘killed’ it! 😀
    Yes, yes, we need more writers. Don’t want it to finish so soon 😉


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