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Let them bells ring…


Too far from the eyes to see,
Beyond my window sill horizon
Send your distant love to me
Heartbeats echo, and life goes on…

As you can see in the above video, life in my neighbourhood is basically on pause. The street where I live isn’t downtown Montréal, but it normally is a pretty busy street. It is now quieter than I would have ever imagined, except on Sunday, at noon. Until Easter, all the churches of the city of a 1000 belfries ring their bells for ten minutes, as a sign of solidarity.

Québec’s lockdown has been extended until May 4th this morning. As days become weeks, and weeks add up, the distance is more and more palpable. I feel for the people who are alone and lonely… And I hope that little moments, like this one, brighten their days.


Via today’s Word of the Day Challenge: Distant

One thought on “Let them bells ring…

  1. It is interesting here in my area of Tasmania. I went into my small village and then the larger town last Wednesday, after being home following our Government telling us to stay home. (not lockdown exactly) still allowed to exercise only two people keeping social distance, take your dog for a walk, essential shopping and appointments. Unless you are an essential worker. It seemed no different really to any other day. I find it weird. Unless everyone else had been home for 14 days too.
    blessings to you and your family.


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