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Loss of innocence…



Beautiful Brisbane…

I was chilling out tonight, watching the latests news on tv. Legs stretched, almost wishing I had to self-isolate instead of waking at 4h30, tomorrow morning to get to work in time. I was checking the short videos I made during my Oz Tour, when I realized that one of the places we had visited and liked very very much, was probably closed now (and it is, I checked).




Eat Street is most probably the capital of street food in Australia, if not in the world. The colorful complex is a breathtaking puzzle of food stands and music venues of all kinds. Wether you want to nibble on churros while shaking your bon-bon on techno music, or have BBQ short ribs while listening to something more folky, Eat Street has it!

It is without a doubt, one of the places most reprentative of the impression I had of Australians… Heaven for foodies who are just looking for a good time. Something like the ultimate, and most extreme open house party… And boy, is it crowded!!

Well, it was, before covid-19 forced people in charge to close Eat Street down for a while.

And I realized how comfortable I was, in the middle of this happy crowd. Comfortable and unaware that my mindset would soon take a turn and not for the best. I wonder how long it will take, before I feel so good spending time with so many people again.


9 thoughts on “Loss of innocence…

  1. Life has changed for all of us, seemingly overnight. But let’s hope that in time we’ll be comfortable gathering together as a group again, however long that may take. Take care Catherine. xx

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    1. It did, didn’t it? Just yesterday I felt careless, and hand-fed cocky cockies (I’m sorry, that story IS going to stick… LOL) and now, I am scared to go to the grocery store. I feel a bit soul crushed!! 😉 I hope things are good in Hurstbridge. Is the albino roo still visiting your (almost) backyard??

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      1. Ahh those cockies. We’ve all been scarred by them lol 😂Seriously though I hope you’re doing ok. Life in HBridge is good, we’ve just ducked away to self isolate in the bush tonight in the van. No sign of the albino back at home. Actually all the roos have gone into hibernation it seems.


  2. Yes your timing was great. Just in the nick of time. If the vendors are able to survive the covid craziness, it may return as normal. But then again perhaps it won’t and it will be one of the economic casualties of this crisis. I had no idea Eat Street was so unique in the world and yet it’s right on my doorstep. How lucky am I and I hope not to say – how lucky was I? Whatever happend I’m so glad that you made the effort to get there. I really admire the way you both navigated you way around foreign cities, so easily and confidently – well done. What was it that made you feel so comfortable there , do you think?

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    1. I do feel incredibly lucky for the timing… Had we chosen to travel a couple of weeks later, we might have missed this amazing place. But we have you to thank for most of our ”luck”. Had you not mentionned Eat Street, we wouldn’t have made the effort to go. And I’d have missed an awesome experience. Thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂

      I do hope that Aussies will make Eat Street make a big, no a HUGE come back when the crisis is over. You had something very special going on there, and it is totally worth making a phoenix come back!

      And for your question… Why did I feel so comfortable? Maybe because Australians are such fun, outgoing, positive and nice people to be around. So if I have to be in a crowd, it might as well be filled with Aussies! Just like in Eat Street. 😉


      1. Oh you are such a sweet person. Thanks for the compliments. It is a lot to live up to now, because like any country we do have some ‘ferals’ as well. Being friendly and open has its own reward.


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