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Upstairs – FFFC




Damn brats!

She should have guessed her recent generosity would come right back to bite her in the ass. And sooner than later… of course!

She hadn’t been a very present grand mother, or mother for that matter. She had never claimed the contrary. Her younger years had been more about traveling all over the world, and living the glamorous life in between her sold out shows.

God had granted her an angelical voice, and stunning looks. Why should she have ignored it, and lived a humble life, when they unrolled the red carpet under her feet anywhere she chose to go?

Yes, she had a temper, but none of them seemed to care, when she treated them to the finest Champagnes, and got them a last minute table in the fanciest restaurants. Still, there was some kind of grudge, still lingering in the air.

She really should have seen it coming.

When they had suggested celebrating her birthday in Paris, she felt emotional. The idea of making happy memories with her offspring at long last had almost brought her to tears.

Of course she had given her grand children a blank check, hoping they would use her fortune wisely. She didn’t remember the last time all of them had the chance to be together in the same place, at the same time.

The trip from New York to Paris had been lovely. Well… As lovely as a transoceanic flight can be. She doubted their choice of apartment, but all of them agreed on their pick.

Granny, we’ll have such a view of the Eiffel Tower from there!!

Yeah, right.

Staring down the stairs of the fancy building, she understood that this wasn’t about her anniversary. They were all gone strolling now.

She rolled her wheelchair back into the apartment.




Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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  1. I’ve gotten back to my fiction short stories, could you possibly give me information on how I might participate?


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