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Tips for your tummy…



Eating is a big part of vacation… Not that I eat more, but far away I don’t have the easy references I have at home. While others might rely on restaurants to have breakfast, lunch and dinner, I prefer to grocery shop to save a buck here and there. So the first days of a trip, I am always on the lookout for good spots.

So here are some of the Australian places and goodies I’ve tried and found worth sharing, if you too are planning a visit to Oz.




I discovered this supermarket chain while watching Masterchef Australia back home. Fortunately enough, there is a Coles store just around the corner from the apartment we rented in Sydney. That meant easy access to pretty much any and everything we needed to fix ourself breakfast, lunches or easy dinners. Coles have everything you might be looking for, and the only big difference with a major Canadian supermarket seem to be that Australians are not as big on frozen food as we are (but then again, we do come from Freezingland).

My little brother, who traveled to Australia a while back, told me to look for Tim Tams, as the little biscuits were apparently quite a classic.



I wasn’t afraid I wouldn’t find any… I had heard of them before, but I wasn’t expecting this:








With 70 stores all across Australia, you’ll most likely find a Breadtop store in the area you are visiting. The chain of bakeries provide all kinds of breads and pastries with both sweet and savory toppings. We tries many different ones, for a quick lunch:



Tuna bun (I was too eager, I tore it in halves before taking my picture hehehe)



Sausage croissant



I don’t remember the name of this one, with ham, cheese and sweet corn… Sorry



Mini burgers, pork floss bun, chicken curry bun, and BBQ pork bun.


You can visit the chain’s website here. The above pictures are all mine, and you’ll see that their products are just perfectly alike what they advertise. These little buns (all of them) are like little dough clouds melting in your mouth.


Harry’s Café de Wheels



If you follow me on Instagram, you already kow that yesterday, Chéri and I took a long walk around our neighbourhood looking for a large food stand selling meat pies and hot dogs, we had spotted several times the days before. We finally localized it again today, and I was surprised to find out that it was quite an institution, here in Australia.

For 80 years, the chain has been serving their delicious classics to people as famous as Frank Sinatra, Elton John, Prince Harry and Colonel Sanders! You can find their website here.

We tried the two signature dishes of Harry’s.



The Tiger Pie (meat pie topped with mashed potatoes, green peas purée and gravy)



Hot dog de Wheels ( a hot dog, topped with chili con carne, mushed peas, garlic onions and chili and cheese sauce)


And we weren’t disappointed!

And this is just the beginning of our adventure… More to come for the foodies among you Lovelies, no doubt about it!


13 thoughts on “Tips for your tummy…

  1. When I was out in Australia, I realized that between them Coles and Woolworths look as if they are about to take over the world! Theys seem to own everything. I can’t remember which owns what, but we went to a giant DIY/hardware warehouse, and Goldfinch told me that too was ordered by one of the supermarket chains. They are enormous companies.


  2. When we travel we always try to rent an apartment or a hotel room with a kitchen. It saves so much money to go grocery shopping rather than restaurants and plus you know what’s in the food you are eating. Happy international grocery shopping! What does it feel like to shop upside down anyway? 😉

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  3. So I saw this comedian on TV talking about his stay in Australia and how his welcome basket contained Tim Tams…and he likened them to some sort of obscene breeding incident it was so good.
    Are they REALLY that darn good? I’m not big on sweets but I am curious now. What makes them so special there? I mean, I suppose the same could be said of the states where there’s half an aisle with 20 different flavors of Oreos but…
    Tell me about Tim Tams, please? Educate me.


    1. You really haven’t lived until you have had a Tim Tam, Morgueticiaatoms! They are a chocolate cookie mixed with chocolate and covered in chocolate. An Australian institution that even the likes of Princess Mary of Denmark has imported for her own consumption. I spend squillions in postage sending them to my friends OS. Now there are more than a dozen different varieties. I recommend the double coat. (that is a double coat of chocolate). It is extra nice twist to bite off each end and suck up one’s barista coffee through the middle of it…. heavenly.

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      1. I used to have a friend who’d send me Mikado sticks from Britain, those were so good. I’ve tried to find them in the states but I’ve come to the conclusion Americans don’t like foreign chocolate as it contains real sugar instead of corn syrup. Just sad.
        Now I shall go seeking a ‘dealer’ on line to try these Tim Tam things, muha ha ha. Sounds so nefarious, it’s just chocolate,lol.

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      2. Not just chocolate – and I think it will have real sugar in it. I remember Hugh Jackman taking them on Oprah to introduce Americans. The company who makes them (Arnotts), is now owned by Americans, mind you. Good luck in your search. If you get stuck, I can always send you a sample snail mail, if you’d like.

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      3. Oh wow, that is an awesome offer. I will look around but if I hit the wall like I did with the Mikado sticks I may just take you up on that. Honestly, two random references to Tim Tams in a week has me feeling like maybe I am meant to discover this wondermous thing. 😉


  4. I would steer clear of the Vegemite – as I am not a fan – but grab as many Tim Tams as you can. Every 7/11, convenience store and Supermarket will have them and in varying varieties. Double coat and original are my favourite. You should also grab a “lamington” from a bakery – not from a supermarket (they are cheap imitations and not so nice). And the meat pies are a bit of an icon as well. Enjoy! Tim tams make good gifts for back home too, if they can last that long. In our house, there was always an argument over who ate all the Tim Tams. In this heat, keep them in the fridge too.


  5. The trick to Vegemite is to have it on buttered toast with just a scrapping of the Vegemite, you can always add more but it is harder to remove. You need to have butter on fresh bread with it to, again a scrapping not a lot. It is different to Marmite. TimTams have changed since the American company has take over Arnotts, (company that make them). You can see by all the new flavours.
    TimTam Slammers are when you bite the diagonal corners off just a little, and use them like a straw. In coffee, yummo. Or cold milk. what ever your hot drink is. Be warned, they are gooey and deliciously addictive. They can drop into your drink too.
    Also check out IGA supermarkets as they are independantly owned and each one will have things that are more local area produce. Especially if you are out of the city centre.


  6. Yep, Coles is definitely the place to shop, in fact I was there today! Tim tans are good without a doubt and deliciously morish but damn, I didn’t buy any. Not to worry, we have plenty of other mouth watering snacks. Enjoy all that Aussie tucker! 😁


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