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Random Danish memories…

Denmark is not best known for its nice warm weather and climat. Yet, as you may know already, it’s been one of the countries whose people are the happiest, for years.

When it’s grey outside, the best way to brighten people’s spirit is probably to put some color in their daily life. And Denmark is one colorful country for sure. No matter where you travel, old pastel painted homes stand next to modern murals.

And I wanted to share just a little bit of this street art souvenirs gathered around the country. This is the first part of a possible series. I hope you’ll enjoy the cyber-tour.



It was only at my fourth visit in Denmark that I finally decided to travel North of Copenhagen to see Helsingør. And I felt sorry I hadn’t made the move before. I didn’t find a lot of street art in the little time I spent there, but I’ll go back to gather more. That is a promise.







Silkeborg is a little town in the middle of an oasis of nature. I admit, my couple of days spent in Silkeborg were spent walking in the woods, and along the lake’s shore. But I still had the chance to catch this mural that translates well my state of mind while staying in that little heaven.





Aalborg… My Aalborg. The Danish city I spent the most time in, with Copenhagen. Aalborg has witnessed some of my fondest moments in Vikingland. Even if it is the fourth largest Danish city, I consider it to be Copenhagen’s little sister. The perfect mix of old and new. And Perhaps the capital of Danish street art….



Viking wolves…


Karolinelund was an amusement park in the middle of the city until it closed down in 2007. The park is now a haven for countless artists who cover every square inch of the remaining walls and buildings.



Mikkelsen’s tribute, just not Mads…



This little fox is the work of a prolific Aalborg artist, you can see it all around town.



Namaste, passer by!





But street art is not confined to Karolinelund.


Many of Aalborg’s apartments building became bigger than life canvases over the years.




Young Aalborg…



When I was talking about old mixing with modern….





I hope you enjoyed the mini trip.


15 thoughts on “Random Danish memories…

    1. I have no doubt! The more I discover Australia the more I wonder why I haven’t visited yet. There is so much to see, so much to do… I am not there yet, and still, I have a feeling it won’t be my only trip to Oz…


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