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Welcome to Freezingland!

As I am spending the evening catching up on comments (yeah, that’s going to take a while… LOL), Mother Nature has decided to greet us with yet another layer of the white stuff.

We are expecting something between 15 and 20 centimeters during the night. I thought I’d make a short clip but I think it is a bit too dark to give you a good idea… I might add another one later, if the snowfall gets more intense.



Oh, and yes, it is hockey night, explaining the background noise.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Freezingland!

  1. Oh yeah,, I want to see how the snow falls. I reCently saw video of sikh men dancing in snow fall. It felt like rain. Why do all the movies show that snow falls slowly? Okay, I have never bothered to google ir


  2. We braved all the snow to go into Toronto to see John Mulaney in concert–our Christmas gift to ourselves, Kate and her girlfriend–first class on the train, fancy hotel, and all the trimmings. An hour before the show, it was cancelled due to weather. Damn snow!


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