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Nocturnal temptation…

std fear


You like to wait
Until that very moment,
When I finally
To Morpheus’ call…
You sneak in,
Insidious, and
Hauntingly handsome
Taking my heart
By surprise
While my head
Is sound asleep.
It’s unfair, you know
I am at your mercy
No matter
How hard I try
To remind myself
Of your true colors,
Liar, cheater…
Untameable player
Just wanting
To see me beg
For your love.
I have a sweet tooth
For you, eye-candy
I try to resist,
Until sunset saves me
From your seducing gaze…
Knowing all too well
I’ll fail,
And fall
Face first
In your evil trap,


Via today’s Word of the Day Challenge: Temptation

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