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Roadtrip under the stars…



Reaching over her knees, he shifted from one radio station to the other, looking for a familiar tune…

She was asleep now, long gone to dreamland, and he didn’t want to wake her up. Driving home, his thoughts wandered on a road of their own. He enjoyed it when they drove out of town, if only for a couple of hours, like tonight.

They didn’t live in a shit-hole, but their neighbourhood wasn’t quite hype. They had a good life, but nothing close to what she would deserve… She never complained about it, though. How lucky was he to even have her by his side after all they had been through? Without her, he most probably would have taken a wrong turn, eventually. But a glance at her sleeping silhouette on the passenger seat was more than enough to keep him walking straight.

The city was far enough, and in the sky, the stars still lit up bright and clear, like a million fireflies above them. She loved their little gettaways to the coast. Sitting on the hood of his old Chrysler, they shared the sunset over the ocean, and she patiently waited for the first stars to appear.

They had learned the hard way how hard it was to live an honest life. It was difficult to dream about a happy ending after their long days of work. He wished he had studied more, to have a job that could spare her the countless hours spent at the dinner. How did she manage to still wear her prettiest smile to welcome him when he finally dragged himself home from the garage? It was a mystery to him, but he thanked God for it, every night.

He tenderly rubbed her ankle, as he took the exit leading back to the heart of town.

Oh Baby…

The stars were starting to fade on the night’s pitch black backdrop. Oh how he wished he could pull her out of there for good. But wishing and hoping would never do the job… He’d just have to work this much harder.

Glancing at her smiling in her sleep, he realized that as long as she would be next to him, he’d still give hope a chance!



#NovemberNotes2019 – Blood Stutter by Handsome Ghost 


In response to November Notes Writing Challenge by  Sarah Doughty of Heartstring 




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