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Out of my league… (November 15th FFF)

I was invited (well, not personally, but still…) to join the Fandango’s Friday Flashback!

Fandango scrolls back, every Friday, and gives a second chance to a post he had published on the same date the year before. I thought it was a great way to remember some of the stuff I did a while back, and I decided to participate…

So here it is!

Previously posted on November 15th of 2016, here’s a romantic piece of fiction in response to Sarah Doughty’s #NovemberNotes. I hope you’ll enjoy it, or enjoy it again!




She thought she had said it aloud when he passed the door.

Beauty wasn’t something she was used to, and he was as close to perfection as she could have dreamt. “Shoot me! Just shoot me now, and put an end to my sweet misery!” she murmured as he waved, aknowledging her presence. As if she could have not noticed his entrance…

Her fingers were knotted under the tablecloth, while she watched him making his way across the room. She could see the ladies’ glances as he passed them by. They would have sold their mother for a glance back. They would have traded their soul for a smile, but all his attention was on her, like a follow spot, and she hoped he wouldn’t notice her burning cheeks..

Damn was he handsome…

His hands were the first thing she had noticed at the book fair, when he had pushed his copy of her first novel on the stand’s table. The hard cover looked so tiny between them. Her gaze had slowly worked its way up to his face, and she had felt numb at the sight of his malachite eyes.

– I love your work…

She couldn’t tell what had stricken her the most, his deep voice, his warm smile, or that bright green look that made her feel like she was completely naked before him. Her brain had frozen for a couple of seconds, unable to process so much attractiveness at once. “He’s dumb, that’s for sure… Or narcissic… Probably both, nobody can be this good looking and have brains” she told herself. Eye candy, that was all.

After signing his book, they had discussed a bit, first about her novels, but he soon had switched to different subjects. He didn’t talk much, pulling information out of her with his charming ways… He even laughed at her cheesy jokes, and she was troubled by his curious interest in her. When other readers had started lining up behind him, he had excused himself and had turned away to leave the stand…

– Sir, your book!

Turning back her way, he had knocked her cup of coffee while grabbing the novel, spraying her blouse with the hot beverage. Her assistant had left to get her another shirt while he appologized profusely. He was on his leave again when he called her name. Even in the crowd’s noise, it seemed his voice was the only thing she could hear, the rest of the world fading as he called for her.

That’s when he had invited her for dinner, to make up for his clumsiness. How could she refuse the offer… Though she knew she should have. It just spelled torture… He would either disappoint her or worst, he wouldn’t and she’d forever dream of a life with Prince Charming ever after…

And there they were.  She wanted to run away, but she felt a weakness in her knees, she had only written about in the past. Doomed to let him join her, she tried to collect all her thoughts to be able to at least make small talk.

– Amélie…

The sound of her name coming from his lips was the sweetest thing she had ever heard. “Say it again, please say it again” she thought, as he bent to leave a smooth peck on her cheek.

While he was taking place in front of her, she peeked at his hands, looking for the ring that would kill the dream she was slipping in against her will. But there was none, and her heart skipped a beat, or two.

– I must say… – He paused, sighed deeply obviously looking for his words, and she held her breath –  I was afraid you wouldn’t come… I’m so out of my league here!

A long shiver crawled up her spine, when she realized how life was surpassing her own fiction…


In response to November Notes Writing Challenge by  Sarah Doughty of Heartstring Eulogies and Rosema from A Reading Writer .❤



You can visit the original post, here.

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