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Cyranny’s quickie!




How often do you buy lottery tickets? Have you ever won something substantial?



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12 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

    1. Someone tried to give a large portion of their lottery winnings to a charity I have worked with (which helps people overcome addictions like gambling) and the charity refused the donation.

      My Dadda had a problem with gambling as a young man. He ended up in enormous debt. So we all stay well clear of any kind of gambling. And I think we also stay away from having more than we need materially.

      I don’t agree with people having millions, especially not when hundreds of millions of people live on around $1 or $2 a day. Why should any one person possess millions of dollars or pounds? And I think we should work for our bread and butter, rather than “winning” it in a random drawer.

      Oh…don’t get me started. This world is so upside down and inside out sometimes and lotteries just typify how ridiculous this world can be at times.


  1. I’ve never won anything substantial from lottery tickets. However, I did work with this woman who gave away fake/joke lottery tickets as a present one year. The guy she gave it to went from the highest high when he thought he’d won, to the lowest low when he realized it was just a prank. That’s cruel and unusual punishment.

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  2. Only once with a friend. She was upset because after the results (no win), she thought they messed with the machine but, the math nerd I am, I kept trying to reassure her that it was unnecessary really because the probabilities were stacked well against participants.


  3. I too have this weird objection to gambling. I’m really not sure why. But I am confident that my refusal to buy lottery tickets (or bet on anything) has put me in a better financial position than had I had the opposite view.
    This is a very in-Australian approach, by the way, and I also realise that it is not one that you, Cyranny, would encourage considering your employer.
    Most people love it though ….


  4. Maybe a few times a year if that. It’s pretty random really and no reason why or when. My youngest keeps telling me I am going to win the lottery on her birthday and be rich. She is very adamitt about it. Then she tells me I am going to buy a big house and have her a big pool party.

    That got me to thinking am I supposed to be playing now before her birthday and use the numbers from her birthday? So we have the house and pool for the party? Or am I supposed to play on her birthday and I will win the day of her birthday? We will then buy the house and have a late party?

    I know I am thinking way to hard about this but that’s my brain for you. And she brings it up all the time and just so sure it is going to happen. To be 6 years old again and have such belief.


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