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The road home…



Three hours left, if the train was on time, that is.

She could have taken a flight, it would have been much faster! And she knew he would have gladly picked her up at the airport. But she enjoyed the waiting and the growing flutter in her stomach. Tree after tree, river after river, she felt the distance getting shorter in her bones.

This was just crazy, and she was well aware of it. Most people had made sure to remind her almost daily, probably hoping to make her change her mind. The others had kept politely silent, but obviously thought the same. Only a handful of her loved ones truly supported her.  They weren’t thrilled to see her go, but they had her back anyway.

She wondered if he had been able to sleep. The sun was just pointing above the horizon, and she had spent all night wondering one last time if she was doing the biggest mistake of her life, or if she was right where she was meant to be. Her guts were reassuring, but her head still disagreed occasionally.

There was no turning back now…

Oh, of course she could hop off the wagon before getting there. There were still many stops before the station where he’d be waiting for her.

What would he be wearing? Would he bring the cliché flower bouquet to welcome her arrival? Probably not… No he wouldn’t. Neither of them were into these cheesy affection marks. They didn’t do cheesy.

The train came to a halt, and she checked the travelers coming in and out of the wagon, especially the people getting reunited. There were those who just shook hands before heading out of the station, the cheek peckers, the huggers and the occasional couple throwing themselves in each other’s arms as if they were alone on the planet.

The last were usually on the young side. She leaned on the train’s window and rested her head againt the cold glass. Her inner princess wanted to react that way, she really wanted to run to him, and have him lift her in the air, as if they were figure skating. She wanted the feeling of his strong arms pressing her on his chest, spinning her around, in an almost too intense display of their love.

The train controler blew his whistle, and they started rolling again. She mentally calculated how many stops were left before her journey came to an end, at long last.

It’s so romantic!

Kimberley had been the only one to really believe in their story. She was also the only one who had known about them from the very start. She had always been both a good listener and a great advisor, and it was just natural that she shared their secret plans.

Then again, planning was probably the last thing they had done. A more accurate way of describing their situation would be to say that Life had brought them on the edge of the steepest of cliffs, and the only choices had been to jump hand in hand, or back off and continue their journey seperately.

And they had taken the leap.

The scenery got pretty much blocked, as they rode through a dense forest. The same type as the one where they had met, years back. The weather wasn’t as nice, though. She smiled and ran her finger on the window’s surface, thinking that if it had been a sunny day, back then, she wouldn’t be traveling back now.

She had never told a soul about their encounter, in the woods. No, that was technically wrong. She had told her family and friends about the man she had spent a night with in a deserted cabin when an unexpected thunderstorm had cut their trekking short. She had been the first one to find shelter in the wooden cabin. It was far from spacious, but it was fine for a couple of hours, especially if the storm didn’t calm down before sunset.

She had just found a couple of blankets to warm herself, when he had broken in, probably thinking that the lodge was vacant. Soaked wet, he had broken into a river of excuses, noticing he wasn’t alone, and probably thinking that she owned the place.

She had been a bit nervous at first. He was a rather large man, and pretty tall too. Had he had bad intentions, she would have been in trouble. He didn’t look dangerous, especially with his rain flattened hair, but one could never be too cautious.

He had offered to build a fire, in exchange for sharing the cabin until the shower stopped. She had agreed, dreaming about the sweet warmth of the the flames on her toes. If he was a serial rapist, kind enough to warm his victims before taking advantage of them, she was ready to take the risk. How could she throw him out anyway, she didn’t stand a chance…

The train stopped again, and the butterflies fluttered with a little more instistance in her stomach. She had so wanted this day to happen. She had missed his smile and that sparkle in his eyes the moment they had gone seperate ways. And she was about to get that back. That and all the rest. And everything that came with it. Even the things she didn’t know yet about him. Strangely, she wasn’t scared… Rather excited. Really excited.

The wagons started moving again, and she kept herself from calling him. She could have, he had to be up by now. But she wanted them both to live this last stretch of their lives apart, before they started this new adventure together.

She remembered how natural things had been that night. He had looked through the cupboards, hoping to fix them a frugal meal… All he had found were some snacks and two bottles of wine. She had refused to steal from the owners, until he had picked out a couple of bills from his wallet and left them on the kitchen table.

I’m not a thief…

There was something about his voice. Something surprising, yet so very familiar. Soothing, and reassuring. His voice felt like home.

Home. What was ”home”? She now felt like she was traveling from home to home. Which one was the real thing, she couldn’t say yet. But she had a good feeling she was doing what was meant to be.

The evening had gone smoothly. He was handsome, but taken. She respected that, and the fact that they were stuck in the woods, far from their realities was no excuse for adultry. He had been a gentleman, and he had helped her get to bed, and headed back to the living room to sleep on the couch.

The next morning, they had parted after sharing personal information, to keep in touch. She wanted to, though she didn’t know why.

Back home, she had tried to forget the encounter…. She had even ignored his first attempts to get back in touch. But he had insisted, God bless him. She had finally given up, answering his frequent calls. And they had connected.

She had never beleived in soulmates, until then. Until him. Every word exchange, written or over the phone, felt like they had known each other forever. Kindred spirits she had thought. Almost too good to be true. He was kind, considerate, hard working and lonely. She wanted to fill the void, but didn’t want to force him out of the life he was living.

One last stop. She wondered what his lips would taste like. She longed for his body against hers…

When he had mentionned he would leave his back-then girlfriend for her, she had hesitated. She had the easy part, being alone, but still. When he had told her to come join him and share his life, she had gone on a mission. She had sold almost everything she owned, and had bought a ticket to ride back to him.

He wanted to get married and have children. She did too, and only waited for the right time to fulfill these wishes. Had this time come?

The train stopped again. She picked her bag up. It was fate time, to say the least.


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11 thoughts on “The road home…

    1. Awww, I’m so glad you enjoyed this little story, Beckie 🙂 Thank you for the kind words! Believe me, I would have made the same decisions if I got stuck with Him in a cabin for a night… And I think you would have done so too 😛

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Cheryl… I wasn’t planning on doing a part two on this one, because I prefered to let people imagine their own ending. But I like you (and these two love birds) too much not to give the story a little stretch. I will post it shortly 😉 *wink wink*


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