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Beach time…



This place is just insane!

She knew Elizabeth would love it. Her best friend since their early childhood, she still lived inland, and hadn’t been at the beach in years. It was so sunny and warm, it would have been a sin to stay inside on such a beautiful day.

Carol spread the blanket on the sand, and the young women sat down to continue their catching up. They had been away from each other almost long enough to forget how much they had fun together.

Giggling and sharing memories, it was as if they had never parted, when Carol’s parents had made them move to this corner of the country.

Oh, my, God… Carol, look at that!!

She knew that ”that” was probably a ”him”. Elizabeth had always been quite a man hunter, and she had seen that look on her face more than once, when they were teenagers.

Turning around, she guessed that her friend had spotted one of the surfers trying to tame the tall waves. Most of them were now resting on the beach, but a couple of guys were still giving their surf boards a ride, and it obviously had caught Elizabeth’s full attention now.

Seriously, Carol. Look at that stud! The one with the short short hair and the green board… If you don’t agree that he’s hot as Hell, I’ll start thinking you’re playing for the other team, and that this Jonathan of yours is just a front!

Elizabeth was waiting for a reaction, so she raised her shoulders and tilted her head, agreeing but without much enthusiasm.

Are you freakin’kidding me?? I think I’ll take off my t-shirt, that might catch his attention, I’d sure like to have a closer look at that wetsuit-wrapped delicious looking butt!

And she burst into a develish laughter. Elizabeth didn’t need to take off her top to catch men’s attention, she would have been absolutely stunning even if she had worn a skiing outfit. And she knew it.

Please don’t, Liz… May I remember that you don’t have a bathing suit underneath?

Elizabeth kept giggling, though giving her her legendary ”Okay Mom!” look. She knew exactly how to make her feel like a party pooper. Both glancing back at the surfer, Liz held her breath for a moment, and grabbed Carol’s arm, squeezing it just a little too tight to her liking.

He’s coming our way, isn’t it? Please tell me that’s not a mirage!!

He was, indeed headed straight their way. Liz stroke a pose, trying to look her best, and Carol couldn’t help but grin, as the man approached.

Liz was OMGing nonstop.

Hello ladies!

Carol almost heard her friend’s heart skip a beat. This was priceless.

You must be Liz!

The surfer walked around the blanket and kneeled by Carol.

Hello Sweetheart!

Tenderly kissing Carol, he excused himself to go change and store his board. Walking towards the parking lot, he left the girls by themselves.

Was that….?

Carol smiled innocently.

Yup, that was Jonathan.



2 thoughts on “Beach time…

    1. Thank you, Cheryl 🙂 I must say, I thought the twist was quite funny, when it came to mind.

      I am doing pretty well, I just started a new schedule at work, and if things go as planned, I should now only work 4 days a week and get all my weekends off. (Woot woot!!) More rest will be welcome, and should help a lot…. I hope you’re well too, dear Bag Lady 🙂 xxx


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