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At this time of the year, here in Québec we get what we call Indian Summer (L’été des indiens).

Technically, it happens when we get from a couple of days to a couple of weeks of above average temperatures (usually above 20 C) after the first days of below zero temperatures during the night.

What’s really going on, is that summer fights fall for one last round. It is a beautiful time of year… The change of colors in the trees has already begun, and we can’t ignore the coming of autumn. But the days are suddenly oddly warm, some flowers give blooming one last shot, and the grass grows unnaturally fast, looking greener than during the heart of July. Crickets and Cicadas sing their last song, trying to fool us, and quite frankly, they almost succeed.

And that’s what’s wonderful, they don’t really manage to make us forget that winter is on its way, and we appreciate the little break all the more.

Soon, we’ll be expecting snow any coming day.

But today, summer lingers still. And one would be a fool, not to enjoy Mother Nature’s mascarade…

Don’t you think?



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Description for the visually impaired; Picture of an orange cat sitting in the backstreet behind my apartment. Hard to say that we live in such a big city, judging by all the colorful trees and flowers of indian summer. 


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