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Cyranny’s quickie!




What’s something you should get rid of, but that you just can’t throw away?




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9 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. My cursing demonic sounding parrot! Kidding, I would never get rid of him even though he’s possessed right now. LOL!
    I should really break ties with journals that I kept during last year of being an alcoholic and was suicidal. I don’t know why I haven’t thrown them out, maybe I keep them because one day, I would be brave enough to read them. I don’t know. 🤷‍♀️


  2. an old address book I own. I bought it in Cairo and it has the pyramids and sphinx on the front. none of the addresses are correct anymore…..the pages are all falling out.


  3. Probably a crazy thing since I gave up on all of it last year or so but the crosses that are in my car.

    Well I have lost one but the other is in there. I think I wrote about them before. They are there because it just seems wrong to throw away religious things even if they no longer serve their purpose. It just seems odd not to have it in the car. They have just always been there.


  4. I have a pair of old paddock boots ( they come up to the top of my ankles and zip up) that are cracking and looking pretty sad. But the soles are still good, they fit well and are comfortable .So I am waiting for something drastic to happen to them and then I will throw them out.


  5. There are clothes in my wardrobe I have not worn in ages. I should take them to a charity shop. Other than that…I regularly de-clutter.

    Oh…I just thought of something else. My wisdom teeth are in the bathroom cabinet. I was absolutely baffled when I found them last year. I know I was sedated for the surgery when they took all four out at once. I think they must have give them to either me or my friend Suzie who came with me. They are terrifying.


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