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Crazy screaming squirrel…


No, this is not a twist tongue.

This morning I was hoping to sleep late, but someone decided that it wouldn’t happen.




Meet Bob.

Bob is a squirrel that lives in the trees behind my home. He enjoys spending time on our balcony, and is not the least bit afraid of me.

Bob is very vocal. Very. And even though I have never taken squirrel lessons, or spent time in a squirrel immersion camp, I’ve discovered that I understand squirrel (almost) perfectly.

I know when a baby squirrel is looking for his mom. I know when a mom is looking for her offspring. I know when it is just squirrel chit chat, and when something dramatic (for a squirrel) is going on.

When I woke up to Bob’s loud screaming, I knew what was going on.

Alert! Alert! Stray cat in the backyard! Alert! Aleeeeeeeert!!!

Of course, Bob had to sit on the tree branch closest to my bedroom window. I tried to phase out the annoying noise, knowing that there was absolutely no danger in Bob’s near future. Cats can climb trees, alright, but my squirrel buddy is much quicker, and can jump from a branch to another, which our backstreet cats can’t do.

Unfortunately, Bob is a territorial rodent, and an annoyingly stubborn one too. So after about five minutes of hoping he would go bug someone else, I got out of bed. It didn’t take me long to spot the ”menace”, a black & white cat that walked away from our yard as soon as he saw me up on the balcony.

Intruder chased away, problem solved!

Or so I thought.

I went back to bed, hoping to catch a little extra hour of sleep. But Bob wasn’t done complaining from his branch.


Back on the balcony, with my cellphone this time, to shoot the following video. As you can see for yourself, there is absolutely nothing to fear, unless you are afraid of water hoses… Come on Bob!



When I walked back in, the noise stopped as soon as I closed the door. For some reason, I got the feeling that Bob hadΒ wanted me to film him. Are squirrels hungry for fame too, now??

Well you got it pal… Whatever it was, that you wanted.

You’re online now. And I am wide awake!


25 thoughts on “Crazy screaming squirrel…

    1. I know, right?? I really hope he doesn’t make a habit of waking me up like that πŸ˜‰

      By the way… Thank you for the two nominations, Laura! I’ll be posting my replies within a couple of days!! *big hugs*

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  1. Typical Squirrel! πŸ™„ Almost as bad is Alice Crowper that shouts profanities at my cats. I had no idea birds have such extensive libraries of threats and curses at their feather tips. It’s educational if nothing else. Thankfully, Alice has taken a vacation. OR….maybe it’s a permanent kind of vacation. I could see that, given the potty mouth on her.

    Hope you have the chance to catch up on some sleep. 😘

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    1. Oh dear, as much as I feel for all the bird cursing you had to put up with, it reasures me to know I am not the only one having to deal with this kind of wild life behaviors πŸ˜‰

      I have a feeling you might miss Alice if she doesn’t return πŸ˜›

      Oh, and by the way, there was no napping after this mini adventure. I hope to be luckier tomorrow morning! xx

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    1. Wow, it is a dangerous place, where you live, Rob. So many ferocious predators out there, and you still let Mr Tips walk around the garden?? *wink wink*

      Oh, and I agree… Bob should have his own reality show. I am sure it would beat any of the Kardashian’s episode LOL But I doubt he would agree to tell us where he hides his precious nuts πŸ˜›

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      1. lol! Well, Mr. Tips is acutely aware of any and all things that would bite and tug at him. πŸ˜‰ Bob and Mr. Tips could start there own podcast, and possible devulge the location of their hidden nuts. πŸ˜€


  2. Oh, my Lord, this is so funny. Don’t get me wrong, I know it wasn’t funny for you and your sleeping, but this little guy obviously had something of great importance to say.
    When I was growing up, we had a female squirrel that lived in (Yes, a squirrel house) in one of our trees. She was so utterly sweet and gentle. We would sit on the back porch and she would sit in our laps and takes nuts from us. She never once hurt us. Anyway, Chunkie had babies, and they all would hang on the back porch too. Heck, even our cat, Spooky loved the little rascals. 🐿 We never heard a peep out of any of them. To us, they were outdoor pets.

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    1. No worries, Gorgeous… Looking back, it was funny! πŸ™‚

      I’m glad to see that you like squirrels too! The little things are just so cute (when they aren’t screaming at the top of their mini lungs) I am thinking about starting to feed Bob. Maybe semi-taming him will help teach him to let me sleep in the morning… LOL *fingers crossed*

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      1. If you start feeding him, do the old milk carton thing, filled with assorted peanuts and seed… Don’t have it too close to the house, or they will soon being residing in your attic.
        I hope you were able to sleep alright this morning. 😁


  3. I thought you were going to say it was mating season or something, but a scary cat makes sense too! Last night at my brother’s we had the pleasure of watching a very large raccoon climbing the fence and wandering through tree branches just above our heads. Give me squirrels any day!

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    1. Mouahahaaha… yes, I agree, squirrels (at least, Bob) are just a noise nuisance. Nothing more.

      I had two fat racoons on my balcony one night, last summer. I don’t know what they were looking for (they had climbed to the second floor where we live, but there was nothing to eat for them). I noticed their presence because the two of them got into a fight… I figured it was a couple and the Mrs didn’t want to climb up, but the Mr was convinced they could feast on leftover garbage… I had to chase them with a frying pan! (not even joking) I would never hit them, but I used it to make noise. I remember how ChΓ©ri stood behind me, telling me to back off, because racoons could be agressive (especially when they are already fighting each other). But we all lived to tell the tale… This time πŸ˜›

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    1. Who am I, to deny Bob his moment of fame, right? πŸ™‚ I have a feeling Bob will have more coverage in the future. I also wonder why he is so familiar with me, I haven’t even fed him. I guess I am just that lovable LOL

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    1. Squirrels are also pretty quiet, usually. I have a feeling he has grudges after I put some tobasco sauce on the wooden frame of our balcony door… Because he was restlessly nibbling on it. πŸ˜‰


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