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Show me yours…


Now, don’t be fooled. I am not encouraging a peeping movement, in The Cove! I have nothing against ”kinky”, but I am certainly not showing you mine! LOL You’ll have to be satisfied with my Footsies’ selfies, and if you need to see more skin, I can show you the way to other blogs that might please you! Mouhahahaha

No, I just thought I’d try a little game with you, Lovelies.

I know for a fact that I am not the only one who spends time on YouTube regularly, and like me, you most probably have found funny or odd videos while surfing around.

So why not share these little gems?

For this week’s try, let’s search The Internets for the weirdest, funniest displays of people having way too much free time. I saw the following video on a tv show recently, and I immediatly thought ”Whuuuut??!?”  Seriously, young people, you can do more constructive things with your life!



Your turn now! Share your favorite YouTube link in the comment box, and let’s enjoy some of your best bizarre picks!

9 thoughts on “Show me yours…

    1. Ohhhh yeah! I remember this one 🙂 You shared it with me, once! It is excellent, and a perfect example of having too much free time 😛 I must say, I prefer the humor of your video over that of mine 😛

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