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Safe between my
Hungry thighs…
Pick up every
Sigh, every moan
Make them
Your own… I’ll
Beg for more,
I’ll be the shore to
Your rocking sea,
Nothing matters but
You and me!
Fill me up, lift me
High, let your fingers
Play a lullaby,
On the trembling skin
Of my belly and tell me
Darling, can you see?
Just how smitten I am,
When your arms
Are my haven.

Yes, your arms
Feel like heaven!




Via today’s Word Of the Day Challenge: Infatuation



Oh, and by the way…



20 thoughts on “Heaven…

  1. WOW! I loved that 🙂.
    PS I’ve started to use Fandango’s badge on my posts starting with the next one scheduled for tomorrow. Trouble is, it won’t show up on the Tygpress site unless we all feature it as the main image of our posts. Can you think of another way?

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      1. Yes I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing for our own visibility. However having it show up on their opening page is huge. WP also suggested reporting them to Google as they are going to ranked higher doing what they are doing, and that’s where their advertisers want them. This is what they sent:

        WP – Have you tried filing a DMCA complaint via google?

        No. 4 here:

        And covered here as well:

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      2. Thank you so much for the information!! I’ll file my complaint right away!!

        And yes, I think that having a big red ”they are not authorized to publish my work” showing on their opening page is great! I was afraid I’d have to put the badge at the beginning of every post. That would have sucked.

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      3. Yes. One thing we might try is using it in the featured image box. As they have stripped the Reader, when you open your post on their site, your featured image shows up right underneath the main image. I will try it on my Song Lyric Sunday post that is going up early tomorrow morning. I’ll let you know if it works. 👍

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      4. It worked on Song Lyric but I forgot to do it on my Haikus. Unfortunately, maybe as they are small using the badge at the bottom did not work. Not to sure what to do about that 😔


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