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Feel Free to Use this Badge!

If you have been offline the last couple of days, you might not be aware that a website, has been copying tons of WordPress blogs, and displaying them without any kind of authorization. This is appalling, and if your blog has been robbed of its content too, I invite you to report the abuse here.

In the meanwhile, there’s not much we can do, but I love Sir Fandango’s idea. From now on, I’ll be using this badge on every post too. I will not let my words be robbed without saying a word!

Thank you, Fandango!


With all of the unauthorized harvesting of our posts that is going on at and seemingly not much that can be done to stop it, I created this badge that I will attach to all of my blog posts going forward.Please feel free to grab this image and post it on your blog. By […]

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22 thoughts on “Feel Free to Use this Badge!

    1. I think so too! Fandango found a very clever and easy to use way to let people know what’s going on! I don’t write to bring obscure companies traffic, and I hope this site will be shut down!

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      1. Fandango, you, I, should constantly reblog to the “Masses” this particular stamp! LOL! (Then again, I’m really not kdding. However, now that I saved it to Pinterest, I might post it twice a week and spread the word all over the place like confetti.

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      2. Mouahahahahahaha it doesn’t hurt to keep people aware of the constant stealing… I am sure going to keep an eye on this site, and report its abuse regularly, as long as it will be online.

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    1. Mouahahahahaha (evil laugh) They obviously don’t know us, right?? They will learn that you don’t mess with the WP family 😛 Jokes aside, I am glad to see people stand up to say a big ”No” to these crooks!

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  1. i just updated half a dozen posts with fan’s sign…and they are all over now! Everyone should do it. anything linked to our posts is being uploaded as well…just an fyi

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    1. Yeah, I noticed too…

      I started a list of people who are on that site, but might not be aware of it yet, and I’ll send emails to let them know… the more we are, fighting back, the better!

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    1. I was about to warn you myself. My blog has been copied too, and I have no idea how they do that 😦 Suze says she managed to have her posts removed from that site, you can see all the steps she went through in her last post.

      I have complained to Digital Ocean, and Google, and I will complain to WP… And I am waiting to see what happens. I am scared of screwing my blog if I start playing with my settings, so I’ll try to be patient, and have a precise way to get rid of the blog-thieves….

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      1. At least, using Fandango’s badge sends out the message that we are aware of what’s happening… I’ll let you know if I learn more about how to successfully getting rid of the thieves!


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