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Cyranny’s quickie!




How do you feel about expiration dates? Do you throw ”expired” food out right away?




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31 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

    1. When I lived in Africa, I learnt why they print ”Better before….”’ I should write a post about that someday, I have so many stories about the food we received from the States and Belgium every month!! But just to give you an idea… Once we got some Cracker Jack boxes, but cockroaches had found them during the boat trip. I heard a kid ask his mom ”Mommy, if I put away the cockroaches, can I still eat the cracker Jacks?” LOL

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  1. I check it. If it looks, smells & tastes gone off it goes if not I use it up as fast as possible. However, we make most of our food from scratch with fresh veg and lots of tried stuff so we mainly have cheese with a expiry date and cheese never reaches it in our house 😁

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  2. I am uber sensitive to dairy. So I would only have it if it was very fresh – never past the use-by-date.
    Other things I am more relaxed with. But I must admit, it does throw me when friends have items that are years past their use-by-date and they tell me that they are perfectly safe to use, but have probably lost some strength.

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    1. Ok, I keep stuff past the ”Best before” date regularly, but not for years!! LOL You just reminded me of an ex of mine, that lived in France… When I visited him, one year, he was working while I was at his place and I was a bit bored one day. I decided to clean his food cabinet, and I found some stuff that was almost fossilized LOOOL

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  3. well…in the US we don’t actually HAVE expiration dates on food. the date posted on all food products is actually a “sell by” date. canned goods, professionally canned that is, last up to ten years. frozen meats last about six months, frozen veg and fruits last about a year. dairy products last about 22 days. I throw away stuff that is obviously bad…cans with rust on the rims or a raised center end…..frozen stuff that has aged out or become “freezer burned”. Most people throw away absolutely edible foods. I waste almost nothing.

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  4. I don’t buy anything that is past its best before date. If I have some spices or the like that are ‘expired” I will still use those. Medications of any kind I throw out if they are past their date.

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    1. Same here… I have trouble thinking that spices can get ”expired”… Maybe a little less tasty after a while, but definately not dangerous to eat. But I agree, there’s no playing with past due medicine. I don’t think they are necessarely dangerous, but definately less effective.


    1. Same here… And I’ve learnt to do the sniff test even if the date is not passed! I once drank (well almost) a big sip of sour milk that was supposed to be good. And that’s not going to happen again! LOL

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    1. Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever seen chocolate that had gone ”bad” either… I’d have to test it, and keep a piece sitting somewhere for months. Not sure ChΓ©ri would approve my scientific experience, though πŸ˜›

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