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Welcome back, me!!


Three weeks ago, (yes I know, my timing isn’t top notch) I was making my arrival in Montréal after seventeen blissful days of Vikingland traveling.

Although it is always nice to come back home, I must say I am never ready to end a vacation. Never. I mean, who looks forward to going back to work, starting doing house chores again and paying bills? Because that’s the only thing you find in your mailbox anyway, right?


Sometimes, Life has a surprise in store for you, and three weeks ago, that’s what happened. I had two mysterious envelopes waiting for me, as I put down my backpack in the living room.

Well, one was more of a mystery than the other, but both got me really excited. Like, really excited! It doesn’t take much to make me happy, and opening letters that don’t require me sending money back to the sender, makes my day. Sometimes, my week, my month or even my year. (I see your smiles, fellow Friends’ fans!!)

The first envelope contained these lovely handmade cards!




This was pretty mysterious to me at first. Due to the very intricate, and delicate collage, my eyes wandered for a long while, appreciating all the hard work that had been put into these… Just for me, as my name figured in the beautiful puzzle!

It took me some time, but my eyes eventually fell on a pretty obvious clue… Candace!! It was from Candace of Revenge of Eve!!

I smiled big time, imagining her working secretly on this beautiful surprise! Well, Lady, you really caught me off guard, and I LOOOOOVE your cards! They gave me an idea tonight, as I was looking at them again, preparing for this post. I’ll tell you all more about it soon!

Thank you, Candace! This was super super sweet! If you don’t know Revenge of Eve yet, please do drop by… Candace is an awesome blogger, don’t miss out on her thought provoking posts!

The second envelope, as I mentionned earlier, was a bit less of a mystery to me, having asked for it. But that didn’t lessen in any way how happy I was to get my hands on it.




This one was from Rory from A Guy Called Bloke. It is a set of five scented pens, that Rory offered to send me through his blog. I love hand-writing, and I always keep pens around the house, to be able to take notes whenever a thought comes up.

Now, unlike on the above picture, Rory’s pens didn’t stay together very long. As it was mentionned in my package, I separated them to make sure their scents didn’t blend! I have one in the living room, one in the kitchen, one in my room, one at my desk at work and one in my purse (my favorite one, the cookie dough scented one!)

Thank you very, very much, Rory! Your pens will live a long and creative life, and I’ll have a thought for you when their sweet smell make me smile.

If you haven’t had a chance to read Rory yet, please click here! Here! Here!!! This gentleman publishes very eclectic posts and interacts A LOT with his readers. Don’t hesitate to drop by for a little chat through one of his posts’ comment box, you won’t be disappointed 🙂


Coming back from vacation, especially after traveling to Denmark, is not my favorite thing to do… But when I get this kind of welcoming, I must say, it is much easier to slip back to ”normal life”.

Again, a big warm ”thank you” to both of you!! And sorry for taking a little time to show my gratitude… Readjusting to my routine just got a bit in my bloggin’ way.

*Big hugs*

11 thoughts on “Welcome back, me!!

  1. Wow, I have been gone longer than I thought! I didn’t even know you were on vacation but I am glad you did. And contrary to yourself, I AM happy you are back! Since I am on strict orders to rest this broken foot of mine, I can hang out in my chair here and catch up!


  2. Hey Cyranny, l am glad they got there, my apologies once more l didn’t know you were away, well l did and l didn’t if that makes sense, l am only now just catching up with my reading schedule 🙂

    Glad they made it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No need for appologies, Rory 🙂 I was away for most of May, and when I came back (it always happens, but I always get surprised anyway) I fell awefully behind because of the little time I had for blogging during my three weeks of vacation. I’m now catching up on my usual pace, and it is good to get back in touch with people like you 🙂

      The pens are awesome, and I like the ”what age are you again?” looks I get when I use one of them in public 😉 People just don’t allow themselves this kind of little pleasures anymore… Thank you for your generosity, and for putting a little fun in my everyday life 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well that ‘s my absolute pleasure Cyranny – the biggest problem we have and we all fall guilty of its foul play is we forget at times to act our shoe size age ….. me mine’s a 9 lol. Suze says at times l am more of a 6 🙂


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