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Just thinking…



Up until recently, I had a misconception about birds.

I try not to be judgemental, in general. But for some reason, I had taken for granted that animals that spent most of their time (I was about to write ”free time”, but I am guessing that birds don’t have a tight schedule – I might be wrong there too) flying, had to be fit.

It was a given to me that if they fly, they can’t get overweight. You know, just physics-wise, it made sense to me. They might eat one worm too many every now and then, but I’d think that when taking off became harder, they would get the idea that it is time to go easy on the whatever it is that birds eat.

But let’s just say that Nature didn’t do its job, and one of them birds had an eating disorder… Wouldn’t the extra weight make it harder to fly, and therefore, make it work out everytime it flew about, and that would take care of the problem… Right?

Apparently, wrong.

A couple of sparrows decided to nest on our balcony this spring, to Freja’s great pleasure. The other day, I decided to join her in watching the Bird Channel, at the window, and noticed this.




I know the picture isn’t good, and it really doesn’t do justice to our feathery friend. But you have to trust me on this, Mr Sparrow is chubby. Really chubby. And weirdly fluffy too.

And here’s where my second misconception about birds flies out of the window (LOL)… I thought that it was an important thing for birds to keep every feather neatly tucked in. I am no flying expert, but I was convinced that well-kept wings were a big help in the flying process.

Mr Sparrow obviously didn’t get that memo either.

Now, just like me, you might think that he was just having a bad feather day. It can happen, right? But I decided to spy on my sparrow neighbours, and Mr Sparrow is always messy like that. Everyday.


Can a sparrow rebel against bird conventions? Is this intentional? Do other sparrows notice the difference? Do they bully him for being the odd ball, or is Mr Sparrow considered cool for not caring about his looks? Is he the bad bird in town, that every Mademoiselle Sparrow swoons over?

It’s early… That’s way too many questions for me to handle.

I’m going back to bed.


8 thoughts on “Just thinking…

  1. *snicker* Well I was going to offer the thought that Mr. Birdie was moulting, but if he’s that way every day…something else is going on. I agree with Jay-lyn. Keep us posted about upcoming episodes of “Bird Gone Bad..” I think it’s a lot more interesting than anything I can find on the TV… 🙂

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  2. I love this, Catherine. …Maybe he’s been cleaning them…but if you watched him for a long pe t iod, he probably is the “black sheep” of his family! ♡♡♡♡♡


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