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Do you have any Pinterest?



I’ve had a Pinterest account for a while, now, but I wasn’t using it. Simply because I don’t get it just yet. I don’t really like Facebook anymore, but I understand the interest people have in that social media. I obviously love WordPress, and Instagram, although still pretty new to me, is easy to use and enjoy. I’m still struggling a bit with Twitter, and now, Pinterest is a total mystery to me.

I have started putting some pictures online (pins??) and even created a number of boards (??), but I am still lost.

Are you on Pinterest too? If so, what’s the point? Please let me know… I haven’t found any way to ”like” or comment on what I see on other people’s accounts, and other than building a collection of pictures, I don’t get what I am supposed to do.

If you are a member too, you can easily find me under the username ”Cyranny”. And if anyone manages to explain the ABC of Pinterest to me, I just might come and visit you too!


16 thoughts on “Do you have any Pinterest?

  1. i haven’t used mine for awhile & like you, i struggle to figure the point. i pretty much only use it to collect ‘visual ideas’ 😉


  2. The way I understand it, Instagram is to personal experience (friends, kin, classmates, work, etc) what Pinstagram is to the outside world, (favorite recipes, movie/T.V./music/sports stars. Pinstagram is for the side of each of us


  3. Another Pinterest fan here! Its great for collecting ideas about anything you’re interested in – more a visual search engine than social media. I’ll find you on there.

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  4. You can create you own board with or without uploading any photos of yours. but can still save your ideas. Save anything you want. I love Pinterest. You can get a lot of ideas from it. Without checking anyone profile. They don’t mind either. They just want to save their ideas. and i have a lot of board too. 🙂

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  5. Pinterest is great for getting ideas. My daughter is addicted to it. But from a business/blogging perspective I’ve learned the most about Pinterest by reframing it to think of it as another search engine. A well designed pin can direct traffic to your site. I’m still learning how to create a good pin but we’re getting traffic from Pinterest to our accessible ABA site. 😁

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      1. I’ve read a lot about what makes a good pin and I haven’t found a lot of it to be effective. I definitely think you should create an image in canva (or a similar site). I used to try to get a variety of styles but over time I’ve decided that I much prefer having a more consistent look to them all so I keep the same template and change the color and images. Look at what draws your attention in Pinterest and try to emulate that. Also having convincing titles and using # are important. Finally you should do a Google search for rich pins. Pinterest has good instructions on what you need to include on your site to make that happen and I love the extra information I get from doing it (plus it’s good for seo so bonus!). You can email me at if you want to talk more. I also have a collaborative website ( if you’re interested in collaborating with other bloggers on the same journey. 😁

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  6. I’ve had Pinterest for months but have only used it in the past 1 or 2. I use it to get more views to my blog. I pin each post on a board called Bipolar Barb. I also use it as a placeholder for writing prompts, fitness, and so on and so forth.

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  7. I have never been able to get the hang of pinterest!! It’s all very confusing to me haha, but I did use it for my wedding for inspiration and some ideas for food. I barely go on anymore now though.


  8. I don’t get Pinterest, either. I have it, and a lot of boards with interesting things pinned, but… I kept reading about people getting sued really bad for pinning someone’s photo without permission. So I got leery of the whole thing. It’s still there, but I never go to it or pin anything any more. Good luck with yours! 🙂

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  9. I’m there, but still trying to figure it out. I add all my posts as pins on a board called Randomness Inked. And get 2-3 views from there every week. Don’t know how to generate more traffic.
    And yes, I use it sometimes for art n craft ideas, writing prompt ideas, etc.


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