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If you came to Montréal… (12)

Last Monday, I had some nice visit.

My bestfriend came to Montréal for the afternoon, and luckily, it was a very sunny and warm day. So we decided to go downtown and have a nice long walk while we chatted.

Tonight, I am preparing my bags. I don’t have time to give you an extended written walkthrough, but I thought I’d share some of the pictures I took along our way….

All of these (except the last two) were shot on Ste-Catherine street, one of Montréal’s main avenues. As you will see, there’s a little of everything on Ste-Catherine, and if you are willing to walk a little, it is a safe choice where you’ll surely find something to do!


If you like street art of all kinds… Here are just a few examples.








You recognize this little fellow, right? All along what we call La Place des Spectacles, the street is closed to traffic, and many of these dogs statues are waiting for you on a synthetic grass spot where you can have a sit and relax in the sun.





Good boy!


A good length of Ste-Catherine goes through what we call The Village. It is the neighbourhood where most of the LGBT bars, nightclubs and stores of all kinds are located. Strings of colored beads above the street represents the LGBT flag…






We stopped in a little pub, in The Village, to have our first sangria of the year! Spring has definately settled!! And with this raspberry-pink grapefruit version, we were all set to give it a nice ”cheers”.




Of course, drinking on an empty belly is never a good idea, especially when it is so hot outside, so we ordered a baby mac & cheese and some crispy chicken. Yum!!




This, right here, is my ”waiter trap”! It wasn’t intended at first, but I must admit we had a good laugh as every waiter stopped by our table to offer to take my plate, offer which I politely turned down 4 or 5 times, because… (see next picture)




I wasn’t quite finished… Ok, almost, but not quite 😛




We then took a good long walk, still along Ste-Catherine, to get to our next spot, The Taqueria! This little restaurant you might have heard about before, if you are a regular in The Cove. That’s where I had ordered food from, when the Don’t Eat incident happened. It was the first time we were coming to the restaurant, and I am glad we did! It totally reconciliated me with the place. The food is simple but delicious, and very inexpensive!

The place isn’t fancy, but it is very clean and welcoming. Definately my favorite Mexican spot in town!




The mural was a bit disturbing, though. J’s first thought was that it represents fresh veggies falling out of a broken pinata, and getting eaten by a strange dragon-dog. I suggested that the dragon-dog was throwing up the veggies into the broken pinata. We discussed this for a while, and didn’t come to an agreement. I’ll let you judge…




It doesn’t take much to have fun, when you’re in good company!


Now time to go finish packing up… Soon I’ll be having fun again, just far far away from here! Get ready, Denmark… Because I am!!

6 thoughts on “If you came to Montréal… (12)

  1. If you clicked these pictures, then you are definitely the left one. Because I see the other woman’s clothes in some of these pictures 😂


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