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Don’t eat!



Is the label familiar to you? It probably rings a bell, right?

You know I like to give exposure, and link in people and businesses I like. Well, you won’t get a link today!

I had a rough day today. (not complaining, it happens to all of us, but it is just to set the context) We decided to order some food from a Mexican restaurant I’ve been wanting to try for some time now. You know… Good comfort food, to nibble on, while sitting on the couch… A nice hygge evening.

17h55. I order online, because the restaurant delivers through Just Eat’s website. I prefer dealing with people, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to get her tacos.

17h57. I get a confirmation by email, saying we should get our dinner around 18h45. Great! That’s more than reasonable.

18h45. I start peeking out the window. I probably look like a meerkat to my neighbours across the street. No delivery car in view. I start drooling.

19h00. Still anticipating our delivery. It’s ok, I’m not in such a rush. It should arrive anytime now.

19h15. Just Eat calls me back. Probably just to confirm the adress, for some reason, some delivery guys have trouble finding it. Nope. The Just Eat dude arrived at the restaurant but it seems like my order have been sitting on the counter for 45 minutes, so they’ve made a new one to make sure the food is hot upon arrival. Great! When will we get it?? 10 minutes? Okie dokie, that’s fine with me.

19h30. Still waiting. Second game of I’m-a-meerkat.

19h45. Ok, this is not funny anymore. I decide to call the restaurant. The food has left the building 10 to 15 minutes ago. Fine, I’ll go play angry-meerkat once more!

20h00. I decide to call back the number on my caller-id. It is obviously a cell phone, but I want to know where my tacos are. I usually order food when I am hungry. Now it’s more on the angry side, and I let Mr Just Eat dispatcher know that my patience is wearing thin. Very thin.

20h05. The food finally arrives.


2h10 minutes for not so warm tacos. Satisfied? Not really.

I know that this is probably an exception. Bad luck. Still…

I called the restaurant again. I wanted to let them know about my taco incident. I made it really clear that I didn’t blame them. Still they could lose customers if this wasn’t an isolated case. The owner was so sorry about what happened, that he invited me to come and eat for free at the restaurant.

I don’t think they have to pay for Just Eat’s poor service. I’ll go, I hope to meet Ernesto, who invited me, but I’ll probably insist on paying.

Will I recommend it? Nooooope!Β Will I use Just Eat again? Probably not.

I just don’t have that much patience…



Via today’s Daily Prompt:Β Patience

48 thoughts on “Don’t eat!

      1. LOL I checked opt in Google, and it told me it was a slang for when you loose patience…. so it did fit πŸ˜›

        Unfortunately, with the Just Eat system, you have to pay “before” you get your food. So I had already paid fees for the delivery and tip for the restaurant…. Grrrr


    1. I sent chΓ©ri downstairs to get the food… I was still on the phone with the dispatch guy. And quite frankly, good thing we did it that way, because it just so happens that mr Delivery didn’t speak neither French or English (I am glad people choose to come and live in Canada but can you learn at least the basics of EITHER one of our TWO official languages! Please!!!!)


    1. Exactly… I once called a restaurant that provided delivery. The guy told me that our adress was outside the territory where they delivered. I said “Ok, why did you send us your delivery menu, then??” to which he kindly suggested “Well, you can always order by phone and come pick it up yourself!” I was confused… Isn’t it the whole point of having food delivered to your door? Because you don’t want to go out for food! LOL

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  1. We do not do take outs at all besides the local chippy once or twice a year and I usually go and get it. But both the best husband and I really hate “Just Eat’s” adverts. They should be forbidden in my opinion. Sorry for being opinionated but sometimes…. 😎

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    1. Hehehehe no need for appologies πŸ™‚ I have never seen their advertisements, but I sure was disappointed in the service. I have a feeling that because they are not working for one restaurant in particular, they don’t care as much about the customer…. I wrote to them and didn’t get an answer yet. I guess we’ll see….


  2. I am not sure if we have anything like “Just Eat” here. I had seen some commercials for something similar but we watch Eastern and American TV more than we do local because the time shifts work better for us. Anyway, we did have an incident with what is supposed to be the best Italian restaurant in our new location. First, the phone was picked up and hung up. I thought maybe it was an accident. The second try the line was just left to ring (yes, they were open). The third time, the hang-up again. Why I tried a fourth time I don’t know but this time I got someone. They said they were too busy to take delivery orders at this time but we are welcome to come to the restaurant – there will be a 15 – 30-minute wait. I didn’t want to go to a restaurant or wait in line. So, we found a lesser known Italian restaurant and ordered on the first try. The food arrived piping hot and delicious. They are our new go-to for delivery! LOL

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    1. Hahahahaha Ahhhh the joys of food delivery!! We really don’t order by phone that often, as I much prefer to cook and eat homemade meals. But I have my spots when I get a craving for good Indian or Asian cuisine πŸ˜‰ I think that little restaurants are much more reliable, and care more for their customers…

      Glad you found that good Italian place in the end πŸ™‚ And thanks for sharing your story! Gave me a good giggle, and comforted me in knowing I wasn’t the only one with poor luck with my delivery tryouts πŸ˜› *Big hugs*

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      1. Having been a chef and caterer, when asked what my favourite type of food is, I say “anything made by someone else!” I love to cook, but once in awhile I just need a break. I either pull something I have previously made from the freezer or we go out. The delivery thing is few and far between but you like to have reliable options. We order our pizza online and hubby goes and gets it from a little place down the road.

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      2. I totally get it… That’s why I always insist on cooking when I visit my parents. My Mom cooked for us for so many years, it is a pleasure to spare her that trouble πŸ˜‰

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  3. Ugh, that is awful. The only home delivery we ever get is the odd pizza from down the road. They have their own delivery driver[s] and the pizzas are always piping hot. Perhaps that restaurant needs its own drivers too. :/

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    1. Being in MontrΓ©al, we have a lot of choice, that’s why I like trying new places… But I won’t if the next restaurant uses Just Eat too πŸ˜›


      1. I am sure that their service doesn’t suck like that most of the time, but I was really disappointed with their attitude. There are other delivery services, like Just Eat (not sure I am very excited with the idea of trying) but I prefer restaurants that have their own delivery people…


      2. Ah I see. And yes, I think having the service owned by the restaurant makes a difference as it’s /their/ reputation on the line with each dissatisfied customer.

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