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Just thinking…



about boobs.

Yeah, I know this is quite unexpected. It is not something I would normally talk about. With anyone. Ever. Anyway, not in The Cove.

At least, if it can make the situation a little less awkward, I’m thinking about my boobs. Ok, I agree that writing this just after posting about ”inner beauty” quotes might come as a bit of a clash.

But it’s really not what you are thinking. Well, I am not sure what you are thinking, but I am pretty sure you’re not thinking what I am thinking.

So, where do I start?

As a young adult, I was morbidly obese. I am not going to go through that period of my life, but to make a looong story short(er), I got a bariatric surgery, lost a lot of weight, and slowly but surely learnt to love a body that was far from perfect, but perfect for me.

Now, if you’ve ever lost weight quickly, you are aware that your body is a total traitor when you manage to drop the pounds. It lets the weight go, alright, but it decides where it takes the fat it sacrifices… And it is usually where you don’t want it to.

Forget your belly, your butt or your thighs! Thigh fat seems to be my body’s favorite fat! It just won’t let it go. Instead, when I lost my weight, (well, not all of it, thank God!) the places where I got thinner first were my face, my shoulders, arms and… Yes, my boobs.

I almost looked sick for a while, with my shoulder bones showing, and my still big butt. But I had heard somewhere that when you stopped losing weight, the body then started evening things out. I have experienced that too. It takes time, and you don’t control anything about it, but your body does tend to equilibrate your silhouette after a while.

What about my boobs, you might wonder? I’m getting to it…

I am not a big spender when it comes to clothing. I (very) rarely go on shopping sprees. But I like to treat myself, when I am preparing for a trip. I know I could very well just bring old clothes overseas. But hey! I felt like looking pretty for Denmark, so last week, I went ahead and decided I could afford a couple of new things, and I hit the mall.

Now my last weight drop dates back to a little over a year ago. And quite frankly, I had not noticed any change in my body ever since. I just feel good as I am, and that was enough for me.

But… And anyone who was once on the overweight side will surely agree, I always feel bigger than I actually am. So it came as a surprise, a pretty shocking one, when I realized I fit in medium sized shorts and pants!!


Where had my fat gone??

My last stop, at the mall, was in an underwear store. I was walking around, considering all the choices available when a young lady working there politely asked me if I needed any help with sizes.

Uh, no! I know my boobs, thank you very much! (I just said ”no, thanks”)

I picked a couple of bras, and headed to the back of the store to try them out. I (tried to) put the first one on, and thought I had missread the size. Tried the second one, and confusion took over. I put my clothes back on, and shyly admitted to the young lady I somehow was wrong about my size.

She took out a measuring tape, and swiftly wrapped it around me.

You’re a ”*” cup size, no wonder these don’t fit. Let me get you the right size…

No, I am not telling you my cup size. That’s none of your business! You’re never going to see my boobs anyway! But I have gone one cup size up, without me even noticing. And that explaines the mystery about my ”medium” sized shorts…

Slimming my waist to give me bigger boobs? Way to go, body!

This girl is not going to complain!

17 thoughts on “Just thinking…

  1. Too funny! I’m very happy for you 💕👍 Btw seeing as you mentioned Denmark, did you see that Netflix movie called A Fortunate Man? It’s Danish but in English so you might enjoy it. Just watched it last night. It was good!


  2. That’s a hell of a coincidence …. my boobs seem to be getting bigger too! Have you also noticed that your hair is falling out and that you can’t seem to remember where you left your glasses?

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  3. Congratulations! Dang, if I had known my body would go through a demographic shift such as yours, I would have started losing weight so much earlier on. LOL!
    I would prefer if my thigh fat coud move north to my boops to even themselves out. LOL!
    Great job, I’m so happy for you!!! 🤗


  4. You tell an amazing story of your success with the surgery and the aftermath. Therefore I admit to being a wee bit confused (I UNDERSTAND mind you) about why you’d be hesitant to share your cup size. It ain’t no big thang IMHO, but your blog, your rules right?


  5. “But it’s really not what you are thinking. Well, I am not sure what you are thinking, but I am pretty sure you’re not thinking what I am thinking.” As soon as I stop laughing at this statement, I’ll read the rest of the boobs post.  Thanks for making my day! Love ya!🤗

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  6. I lost thirty pounds in nine weeks on a crash diet but everything stayed pretty much the same uptop. After all, I was only thirty! Lost over fifty pounds in 2015 with cancer, but now I’m old, in a wheelchair everything and I mean everything, goes to my middle. Irritating, but it is what it is, certainly not what it was. 🙄


  7. Pregnancy and breastfeeding. My boobies ballooned and they never went back to being two raisins on a breadboard.( 34 A) Pregnant I was a 38 DD and now 36C. So there….now you have all that information about me and my boobs. 😊


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