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Go solo…


I love traveling, that’s not a secret. I enjoy sharing a trip with a friend, or a couple of people, but I prefer to go solo…

It might sound selfish, and maybe it is, in a way. Having a friend tagging along the journey makes sure you never feel lonely, and you have two heads thinking when troubles happen. That’s always good. And since you share the same memories, you have someone to go to, when you want to reminisce.

But when you decide to travel on your own, you experience exploring new places in a whole other way.

For one thing, you have total freedom. You can do what you want, when you want. You can change plans whenever you please. You eat when you feel hungry, rest when you need it, and don’t have to compromise.

You have nobody else to blame if you get in trouble, but you get all the credit for the cool things that happen too! It is very rewarding to come back home knowing that you did it all by yourself.

Another thing I discovered while traveling solo, is that being alone in a place where nobody knows you gives you the chance to be more adventurous, to dare more, to be more open to other people… Because, let’s face it, in our everyday life, we fit a mold that all our loved ones are used to. We could always break it, but it is so much comfortable to act and be as we are expected to. When you are alone abroad, people don’t expect anything, and you can be as bold as you want.

Knowing that what you say and do is yours and yours alone is liberating. Of course, meeting complete strangers will have some kind of impact on their lives, and they will have an impact on yours. But it will have no consequence on your little routine when you come back home.

But why this sudden ode to solo traveling, you might wonder?

Three weeks ago, Wow Air made a weekend sale for Valentine’s Day. The prices were ridiculously ridiculous. They were close to paying me to book plane tickets. It’s been almost a year and a half since I last was in Denmark, and I’ve been aching to go back, on my own, like the first time.

And you probably guessed it, I surrendered to Denmark’s call. And I booked my next trip.

I am going back. Soon!

Beware Vikingland, I have missed you, and I can’t wait to spend spring in your arms! I am not going to plan much, since I enjoy following my heart. But I know that come rain or shine, I’ll discover new places, meet new people, experience new things.

I am already eager to share this new adventure with you all…

14 thoughts on “Go solo…

  1. Sounds fantastic have fun! How long are you going for? Your guy is okay with you going alone? Maybe he’s jealous he can’t go too lol. Oilers so close to beating Nashville tonight.. . We got a point, but can’t wait to have McDavid off suspension. Sam Gagner and a couple old Oilers brought back have been great for morale and leadership, and their skills too! But, my mom reminds me we’re second last! Hope Montréal is doing well!

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    1. Thank you Mandibelle 🙂 I’ll be traveling for almost three weeks. Chéri would have joined me with pleasure, he enjoyed his first trip to Scandinavia, but he doesn’t have as much vacation as I do, and we are planning another trip elsewhere at the end of the year… He is supportive and is just happy for me. I am pretty lucky for that!

      It’s a bumpy road for the Canadiens too. We win some and lose some, and I think we might make it to the playoffs. But I don’t have big expectations from there…. Hey who knows? We might get surprised 😛 *fingers crossed*

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      1. Well your trip sounds awesome. Vacation times are hard to arrange fir sure, but it’s nice to have your own adventures (both of you) and then share them when you return & also to have that trip together later. You are a lucky girl! Yeah I know what you mean w/ hockey. We can yell shoot, skate, and hit them, but we’re not on the ice playing & they can’t hear us lol. 😅

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  2. Hello dear friend. This makes my heart smile big. You deserve this, totally. I think I would love solo traveling and actually thought about it last week. It was a fleeting thought but now seeing your post, maybe there is more to it than that.?? We shall see.


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