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Meanwhile in Canada…

I’ve been quiet today, but I had a good reason.

Tonight was hockey night in Montréal. I usually watch the games at home, on tv. Occasionally, we book a table at a restaurant who presents it on large screens. But this evening, we had tickets to go see the game live at Bell Center, home of the Canadiens.




I had a thought for Anne, from Horse Addict, for some reason. I’ll let you guess why! It is not a usual sight, especially during winter, and I couldn’t keep myself from giving these two beauties a nice pat, before running to the Bell Center door.




We attend live games once or twice a year, and when we do, we usually get seats way up in the arena. So way up that the players look like tiny action figures. It is still fun, but tonight we had excellent places a lot closer to the ice rink. It was so cool, that I got chills as soon as the players jumped on the ice. Hockey is almost a religion here, and the crowd was electrified, even if this was just the warm up!




Here’s the last thing I recorded. I just wanted to give you a taste of the ambiance in Bell Center, when the guys are on the rink. After that, I just enjoyed the game… No more picture taking, just plain fun rooting for our team!



Oh, and they won! Go Habs go!

13 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Canada…

    1. It took me about 30 years to learn to enjoy it, but now I am a true fan too! I am sure Life will someday keep me too busy to follow it as closely as I do now… So I just enjoy it for the time being 😉

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      1. Hehe. I agree it’s fun 🙂 I got to
        Go to go to an unexpected box seat game w/ my bro before Christmas. Amazing! Might have ruined me for regular seating — first time I’ve ever had that treat. But honestly, anyway you can get tickets it’s worth it. I got Groupon ones to a game vs. Vancouver in March. We’re up high, but still looking forward to it. They were affordable at least! Take care. Hoping many Canadian teams are in the playoffs. Except Calgary lol 😂

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      2. LOL I had the same reaction when we got to our seats the other day… I went like “No way I’m going back up in the pit, next time we come here!!”

        But hey, better be far and there than watching on tv 😉 *fingers crossed for the playoffs!!*

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  1. I know it’s like yours eyes have been opened. Lol. Thanks, they’ve got spark, but no leadership in the team. I’m happy if they-can pull it together and win on home ice as much as on the road. But tonight, no dice. Crossing my fingers for Montreal too.

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