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These boots…



I am not a big planner. I can plan. I can plan really good.

But I just like being spontaneous too much to plan too far ahead. Even when it comes to my vacation. Or should I say, even more. When I travel with other people, I have to make an effort to have a minimum of things taken care of before we leave. Because most people don’t like jumping into the unknown. Not knowing where we’ll sleep. Not knowing where we’ll go.

I do.

Denmark’s been calling to me for a while now (ok, almost 16 months to be precise).  I’ve been listening, but sometimes, Life gets in the way (yes, even between me and Vikingland, who would have thought, right?) and you have to postpone things a little.

But when I saw my winter boots in that ray of morning light, the other day, they seemed to be trying to tell me a message. And I know these boots well. They are ready for the next adventure, and so am I. They know it.

And I guess at the time I took that picture, we all agreed. We want an unplanned escapade. Well, with as little planning as I can do.





Via today’s Word of the Day Challenge: Plan

4 thoughts on “These boots…

    1. 🙂 Thank you for the cheer up, Cheryl! Just for fun, I was checking the plane tickets’ prices this morning and found some incredible deals (less than 400$ – WOW). It is making it very possible that I’ll be flying again, sooner than later!


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