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Cadavre Exquis, anyone?

Dear Lovelies,

If you were a part of The Cove last year, you might remember when we played Cadavre Exquis. It is a writing game, and this year, I’ll hold two separate challenges. One for story-tellers, and one for people who prefer poetry.

The two challenges will be held on the Word of the Day Challenge blog. If you want more information, or if you’d like to join in either challenges (or both, the more the merrier), just click on the link below!

I have left all the details there, but don’t hesitate to ask any question you might have 🙂


Dear fellow wordsmiths, With the start of the year, I had an idea to invite you to play with words in a different way. Not a “new” way, per say, since it is a writing game that goes back to the 1920s, and I have not invented anything. But if you follow my personal […]

via Who wants to play? — Word of the Day Challenge

10 thoughts on “Cadavre Exquis, anyone?

    1. Welcome aboard 🙂 I’ve put you on the list! Can you just tell me if you’d like to participate to the Story challenge, the poetry one, or both, please 🙂 I’ll make sure to contact you when you turn comes up! xx


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