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30-Day Song Challenge *Last crumbles*



Well, as usual for me, December flew by, and I barely noticed it. Tomorrow night, we’ll be preparing to welcome 2019 already! And with the turn of month, I have 2 songs left, to complete my 30-Day Song Challenge.

I hope you’ll enjoy my picks!

Here are the links to part onepart twopart three and part four, if you have missed them, and would like to catch up with my choice of songs!




Since I only have two songs left to post, I thought I’d give a little information about them, this time…


A song I remember from my childhood:


My first memories about music go very far back. When I was born, both my parents were huge Abba fans, and the band’s music played in our home constantly. I chose “Take a chance on me” but pretty much any other Abba tune would have been as representative of my first years’ soundtrack. I realized how much Abba music I had listened to when later in my early teens, I found out I could sing pretty much any of their songs, although I didn’t speak English back then! Thinking about it, I am guessing it was probably close to mental torture, even for a toddler! LOL But it really makes me smile to think that my first musical souvenir came from a Swedish band! Maybe my love for Denmark isn’t so crazy after all… Maybe, just maybe, I’m just drawn back to my roots. And if that’s where it came from, well I’ll have to thank Mom and Dad for it!



A song that reminds me of myself:


This one wasn’t easy to choose. I really thought about it, and I revisited a lot of YouTube videos to find the best fitting song. And I think that “Beautiful wreck” is a good pick to describe me. I am full of flaws, I am intense, not always easy to handle… But I think I have a good heart, and I mean well, even if I often fail at whatever I am trying to do. I am a stubborn, weird, well-wishing storm roaming around… A beautiful (I hope) wreck.

Plus, it is Shawn. And Shawn is just sooooo good.


So this is a wrap. I hope that a couple of you discovered, or rediscovered some of these songs!



2 thoughts on “30-Day Song Challenge *Last crumbles*

    1. I am full of flaws, full of cracks in the mold… But as Leonard used to say, “there’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets through!”

      Thank you for the kind words, Cheryl 🙂 I really appreciate it xx


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