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When I was in college, one of my favorite classes was philosophy.

Maybe because most of my classes had to do with science, and implied much learning by heart, and calculation, and remembering formulas to apply in a certain way. Philosophy, though not simple, seemed like a break from all the scientific stuff.

One topic I liked a lot, was sophisms.

You might think that you know nothing about them, but you do, believe me. For one thing, most advertisements use sophisms to make you buy their company’s stuff!  Example? Of course… Any endorsed product, lies on a sophism.

You will not become an amazing basketball player like Michael Jordan, because you wear Nike shoes. Michael Jordan is just getting richer, because you do. You’ll still suck at dunking, just wearing very expensive shoes.

But companies all around the world use that false idea that if someone (somewhat) important recommends a product, it gives it credibility and value.

Another one? Sure! Kids are terrible sophisms users. They are fierce. And they don’t even do it on purpose. Remember the last time you got the “Moooooom! (or Daaaaaaad) That’s not fair… EVERYONE else has one!!” Yeah, that guilt argument is a sophism too. Just using your kind parent love against you!


(It might not look like it, but I am going somewhere, here!)

I think there should be a sophism police out there. And sometimes, people who really cross the line should be arrested, and get punished for over-sophismying! And one of them would be the person who decided to put relish in squeezable bottles.

I don’t care if relish is a condiment like ketchup, mayonaise and mustard. I don’t care if these last three are perfectly fit to squeeze out of a bottle.

Squeezable relish is a crime. You just end up squeezing all the liquid out, and then, when a vein is about to pop in your forehead, you squeeze half of the bottle out, one shot, when you needed no more than a tea spoon worth of said relish.

I don’t care if relish is a condiment just like the others. It deserves to be treated differently when it comes to bottling. Period.


End of rant.









19 thoughts on “Just thinking…

  1. Cyranny. It’s nice to have time to read some more if your posts lately. I also enjoyed philosophy in my undergrad. And although I can’t do other math logic math for some reason made sense. Perhaps b/c the rules you work with don’t change. I think sophisms must be a form of tautology or circular reason.
    Ie. ) 1. Paton Manning eats Panego Pizza
    2. You like Paton Manning (A popular sports hero).
    3. Therefore, you too will loot Panego Pizza.

    Pretty much it breaks down to that. I think once you learn about logical fallacies and how often people attempt to argue and prove their case by them, especially in an unjust way, it ruins you b/c you watch TV shows or observe people in real life & see these fallacies like sophisms all around you that people buy into it abuse.
    An interesting piece for sure.
    Cheers last. Merry Christmas 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Mandy 🙂 You are so right about how you notice it everywhere once you got the logic of sophisms… Depending on when it happens, it can be both interesting and annoying.

      A merry Christmas to you too, dear neighbour from the West 🙂 xx

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      1. Merry Christmas to you. Hope the whether in the East has been nice to you. Just keep telling yourself 2 months until spring. Take care.

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      2. Hahahaha that’s the spirit! I guess we all have the same way of thinking from coast to coast 😉 At least days are getting longer everyday since the 21st! Take care too 🙂 xx

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  2. You hit on a great point here, I have a philosophy where I don’t by anything being advertised by a celebrity becasue it will be crap! But there are sectors in society and kids are one of them that go for this shit and if I’m honest I’m with you because it’s mental manipulation.

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    1. I agree. My father owns a store, and one thing he taught me is that when you are providing good service/product, you don’t need advertisement… People will talk about you.


  3. exactly the reason I make my very own relish and bottle it in wide mouth jars…created entirely for dipping in a spoon to extract the exact amount needed!

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    1. Mouahahahahah that’s one of the reasons I love you Suze… You are a wise woman 🙂

      I hope George is recovering well, and that you are heading into a lovely holiday season!

      *big hugs*


  4. This was great and true!  I was the only mom, probably unfortunate for my kids, who didn’t do the latest thing for them.  Back then, one thing was Doc Martin boots.  Ridiculous, but on my block, I didn’t do what everyone else did.   Hope you are doing fine!  I’ve been an emotional wreck, why I don’t know.  You know it’s bad when you start tearing up in front of the Dish technician.😂😟😩 Hugs, C

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    1. Oh Cheryl… I’m sorry I just read this. I’ll get in touch with you tomorrow morning, I hate to know you are going through a rough time!

      I think your children are lucky. Mom was like you. If I got a dollar bill everytime I got told “if all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?” I’d be rich 😛 And now I am glad that my parents were that way with us 🙂

      Big hugs, kind lady… my thoughts are with you! xx


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