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Looking back… Day 8.



It is this time of year again…

A couple of years back, I thought that making a bucket list was silly. I didn’t need to write my dreams and goals down to achieve them, right?

For those of you who wouldn’t be familiar with the concept of a bucket list, it is simply a list of things you want to you before you die. You can make a simple list in a notebook, or, like me, write your goals on little pieces of paper you keep in some kind of jar. And every year, you go through the previous year’s list, and check out what you achieved and add new challenges.

I am not quite ready to review my list yet. But I took my Mason jar out today, to get prepared to do it.

I remember being quite conservative the first year I decided to keep a bucket list. I put relatively easy to reach goals in the jar, thinking “Meh, no need to be reminded that I can’t realize my big dreams!”

Going to DenmarkΒ was on my list, though. I didn’t believe I’d do it, but it needed to be on my list. And guess what? When it was time for the yearly check, I got to check it out.

Later this month, I know I’ll take a wish I never thought I’d put in theΒ been there done thatΒ collumn. I took my bestfriend to Paris this year… It was her all-time dream. I think that’s pretty cool.

New dreams will have to fill up the gasps. I am not sure what will take the place of the challenges I completed, but I know I’ll find ideas. Big ones. Because I found out that, as silly as a bucket list might seem, it is a real motivation.

Do you have a bucket list yourself? How has it worked for you so far?

15 thoughts on “Looking back… Day 8.

  1. I love the way you do this! I have a bucket list in my head, but I’ve never actually written stuff down. They all seem to be big dreams though which probably won’t be realised anytime soon…although I am working on it! I guess you never know what the future holds do you πŸ™‚

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    1. We never know, indeed! Life is full of surprises, and I think that just by keeping a dream in mind, you make it more likely to happen someday. I remember years ago, when I dreamt about visiting Denmark, but was convinced that it wouldn’t happen anytime soon because of my budget… And within a couple of months, after working out ways to travel cheaper, I finally was able to enjoy a great three weeks vacation there πŸ™‚

      Good luck with you own list, and don’t discard any dream, just because you think they are too “big” for your list πŸ™‚ The bigger, the greater to check out when you can! xx

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      1. These are very wise words! I’m so glad that you managed to realise your dream of travelling to Denmark. It’s an absolutely amazing feeling when you finally experience that thing that you’ve dreamt of for so long! You are very right, I won’t discard any dreams, I’ve been lucky enough to realise a few, so it is possible πŸ™‚

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    1. I don’t remember why I thought it was so silly back then… Maybe because a lot of people used to do it, and it was kind of a trendy thing to do (I really don’t like doing things just because everybody’s doing so).

      As you said, it is very motivating to keep an eye on goals and dreams… And I totally recommend keeping a bucketlist πŸ™‚

      Thanks for your comment, Miriam πŸ™‚ I hope the Summer is beautiful on the other side of the planet πŸ˜‰ xx

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  2. Although I doin’t like the term “bucket list”, I do find if I actually write down things I want to achieve in the coming year, they actually materialize! By declaring it, you have started the process and it WILL happen. Here’s wishing that everything you want for 2019 will happen! ❀️

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    1. Thank you Christine, and I wish the same to you! Maybe the term “bucketlist” and the whole fuss people made around it a couple of years back is the reason I thought it was silly at first.

      But I agree… Wanting and aknowledging our dreams and goals is the first step in making them come true. If we push the ideas in the back of our minds, thinking they’ll never be possible, we just miss incredible opportunities…

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  3. I do have a small bucket list. It is small because many of the things on it have been checked off. And that is a good thing considering my age!! So my word to you is make the list and then make things from the list a reality. You won’t regret it.

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    1. It’s only been a couple of years, since I keep it, but I have noticed how much more I do to achieve these goals, since I started writing them down.

      Keep checking achievements out your list, Anne πŸ™‚ I am sure you still have exciting wishes and dreams to fulfill πŸ™‚ xx


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