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Looking back… Day 2.



This is what Danes call a Kalendarlys, or ”Light calendar”. Many Danish families have lit theirs for the first time yesterday night, just like me. The idea is to enjoy the very hyggeligt light of your candle a little each day bringing you one step closer to Christmas. With the days being at their shortest this time of year, both in Vikingland and here, in Québec, the warmth of the little flame certainly is welcome in any home.

I got my first kalendarlys in a Danish store while I was away from home a couple of weeks back. I was pretty excited to have a genuine DK candle.

2018 has been a very introspective year for me. Maybe because I hit the big 4, or simply because things were meant that way. Either way, it doesn’t really matter.

Yesterday’s Looking back post was pretty basic. I was just happy to light my candle for the first time. But it got me thinking, and I decided to (try to) post every night of advent, joining a picture of my slowly melting kalendarlys and random thoughts about the past year, and the year to come.

We’ll see how that goes…

I hope you’ll tag along.



8 thoughts on “Looking back… Day 2.

  1. what a beautiful way of remembering the past year while looking forward to a holiday of love…or what the holiday should be about (it rarely is). The Israeli’s have a similar practice surrounding Hanukkah aka the festival of light. So do Native Americans (the southern natives at any rate) where a fire would be started in a small central area and only praise given to the spirit that brings life. America needs to start something similar and then maybe we would return to being a people that value everyone instead of those who “think like us”.

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    1. I totally agree, Madame Suze. I really enjoy my late night one on one moment with my kalendarlys. It allows me to let my mind wander a bit, thinking about what has been, and what is coming ahead. We live in a world where everybody’s running from morning to night, and I think anybody would benefit from a little pause in the madness. I should check out the other traditions you mentionned… I am sure the story behind each one is very interesting 🙂

      *Big hugs* to you and George! xx


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