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Meet Biff.


Blogging, I am sure many of you will agree with me, is an adventure you embark on not even imagining the surprises it has in store for you.

In three years, I’ve had my fair share. I met many incredible people through The Cove, and I wish I could pay all of you Lovelies, an individual and representative tribute. But that would be a titanesque task.

I know how blogging is a rollercoaster, and I would like to help a dear fellow blogger get a little high, tonight. It is something I feel I should have done a while back, but as they say, never too late, uh?

I don’t recall if I found his blog first, or if he discovered The Cove and I quickly followed him back, but one thing’s for sure, Biff Sock Pow‘s nickname was the first thing that piqued my attention. Still to this day, I believe he chose one of the coolest names EVER.

Biff is the kind of guy that you can’t not like. Seriously, if anyone here knows of a blogger who doesn’t appreciate him, let me know. Unless there is envy involved, I just can’t imagine why someone would dislike Biff.

The man is just genuinely kind, supportive, clever, funny, elegant and talented. He is one of the most underestimated bloggers I know, probably because he doesn’t openly self-promote his work. And I feel lucky that he chose me as his cyber little sister. More than once, his positive and generous comments have brightened my day, and I know he grants other bloggers this thoughtful attention, not asking for anything in return.

Biff has a great sense of humor, which brilliantly shows in his weekly rambles about his so-called boring life. And he has one of the fanciest uses of Shakespeare’s language, without ever sounding the least bit pompous. Biff just loves words, and it shows whenever his fingers take a stroll on his keyboard.

His main fictional work is a series about Alexis and Alistair, a wealthy bourgeois couple and their two adorable children. The funny duo, although living the life, don’t know the meaning of arrogance, and take us along their adventures in the high circles.

Just like their author, the lovebird couple can’t be disliked. The witty and humorous Alistair and his naive wife will be sure to give you a smile with every episode.

Unfortunately, despite the love expressed in every post’s comment box, it seems like A&A don’t get a lot of visitors, and that’s why I’d like to invite you to meet the lovely couple, if you enjoy good story-telling.

The Alistair & Alexis series

Please take a minute to discover Biff’s world if you don’t know him already. You’re just missing out on something, and you can thank me later!

And to you, dear Biff (Bibibibibibiibibibiiiiiiiiif SOsoSOsoSOck POOOOW!)… Thank you for being the great man, the best bigger bro and the amazing blogger that you are. Don’t change, and even when stats aren’t mindblowing, and inspiration goes for a walk, don’t stop writing!

*Big Hugs*  Muuuuah!

39 thoughts on “Meet Biff.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Candice… Gentleman is always the first word that comes to my mind when I think about Biff! And a most talented one too! I am glad to see that you enjoy his very unique writing too!! 🙂

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    1. I’d say that’s not an impossible thing, Tom 🙂 I admire the person you are, and you have an amazing talent, that shines through your blog! Who knows, you might get a shoutout too someday 😉 xx


    1. Then you’ll have another thing in common with Biff. He loves his cup of coffee too 😉 I have a feeling you’ll enjoy his blog, and if you visit, leave him a note, because I am pretty sure he’d also like your work!

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  1. Wow! I am so totally blown away by this I am quite literally having difficulty finding words that will be adequate to show my gratitude. And not only gratitude, but extreme thankfulness for so many great friends that I have made on here. I really do think of us all as a community of writers, but also as friends who support each other and encourage each other.

    Sis, I will probably never be able to show you just how truly grateful I am to you for encouraging me almost from my first day here on WP and for doing such wonderful things such as this post for me. I am truly grateful to you for everything.

    And thanks to everyone for all the kind comments and encouragement! I hope I can live up to all of these kind words.

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    1. Dear Biff, you earned every word of this post (and much more, but I must say that I was eager to hit the ”publish” button) and the kind comments that followed. I wrote this because, as you might have noticed, I did some catching up on my reading the past few days, and it always saddens me to see you talking about the disappointing stats of your A&A posts.

      You are one true gentleman, and I am grateful to have you in my little blogging circle 🙂 If I can help, even just a little, I’ll always do it gladly.

      Please keep writing… You are so talented, it would be a total shame to see it go to waste! And I know you have a fanclub out there that thinks just like me! Keep being awesome!! 🙂 xx

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      1. Thank you again, Sis! If you keep this up, I may become insufferably vain and full of myself. You need to slip in a little sisterly abuse once in a while to keep me humble. 😉

        Seriously, though, thank you so much! I am extremely grateful to you, and now to your wonderful readers as well.

        Hugs! xoxoxo

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      2. That’s the beauty of things… You’re the kind of person who’ll never be full of yourself. There is a profound humbleness in you that allows me to constantly praise your work without being afraid that you’ll become pretentious 🙂

        *Hugs right back* (a little late, but right back anyway LOL)

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