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In between…


A constant hum, the steady and subtle vibration rocks me in some kind of half-sleepiness… Not quite awake, yet not knocked down by the long hours spent getting ready for this, I float in between waters.

I wish counsciousness would go for a walk down the aisle, and give me a much needed break. I wish I could stop thinking for once. Just a little while, just long enough to get a taste of peace again.

But my thoughts ramble on. Even in this flying tin can, they race around and bump into one another. I roll my woolen scarf into a ball, lean into in and try once more to fool myself into believing that sleep will come.

My tightly shut eyelids are the dark backdrop of an all too familiar absurd play. Silhouettes running, anonymous stares stabbing me like knives planted through my skin. A black cat rubs its back against my leg, purring as the crowd gets bigger, and more menacing. I can hardly breathe. The shadows are stretching like evil trees, with their malevolent branches knitting a sombre web in the moonless sky above my head.

The cat meows, distracting me for a split second. And when I look up again, an army of crows is perched, wings stretched wide open, bright emerald eyes shining down on me. I whisper to myself softly not to worry. I know this isn’t real, but terror is slowly taking over…

I need to get out, to get away, to chase it all from my head. I try to run, but my feet are stuck in ivy, cuffing my ankles to the mossy ground. The darkness is starting to swallow me, and its cold grip feels so real, that I wonder if this could be reality?

The black cat hisses, and the large murder of crows dives on me, all at once. I can feel their razorblade feathers cutting through my flesh, warm blood running down my arms and legs. I beg myself to chase the nightmare away.

I know this can’t be real. Though it feels so painfully real.

The forrest laughs, as I implore for mercy. The more I beg, the louder the trees giggle maliciously. The growing ivy licks life from my wounds, when a bright bolt of lightning scars the sky, forcing me to look away. The blinding light flushes everything away, leaving just a blurry silhouette looking kindly down on me.

I know I could wake up now, I know I should… But I am just drawn to the stranger standing before me.

I try to speak up but my lips fail me. If only I could ask… I concentrate and try once more. I just want to know who you are… I pick the letters in my mind, stitch them together. It shouldn’t be so complicated… Who are you? But I remain silent.

Who are you?

I can feel I am swimming back up to counsciousness, and the figure before me goes a little blurrier. Who are you? I attempt to ask , again.

In vain.

Who are you? So simple, yet I can’t make it.

Who are you?

As I open my eyes, my neighbour is turned my way, all smiles.

I am Alex, and you are…?


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