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Jul onsker…


Nisse er du allerede der?
Det er ikke Jul endnu …
Der er kun en ting, jeg vil have
og du kan ikke give det til mig.

Vær venlig at give det til mig alligevel …
Venligst giv det til mig.


9 thoughts on “Jul onsker…

    1. It surprises me that everyone thought it was Dutch… The little fellow on the picture is a ”Nisse”, a Christmas elf I bought yesterday when I visited a store selling Danish goodies. It is a little early indeed, but I couldn’t resist taking this little guy home when I saw him… With a little luck, he’ll be a good messenger for my Christmas wishes 😉

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      1. That means they take it very seriously I guess, so everyone gets what they want. 🙂 Lucky Danish kids. 😀 Will have to once go to Sweden at Christmas time and see if Swedish Jultomten is as much conscientious as Nisse. 😀


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