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Just thinking…



I am at work… and dreaming about tomorrow which will be a day off, and I’ll finally get to sit down and answer tons of put-aside lovely messages you people left me the past week or so. Sorry for the delay, but with work and some vacation planning, and life in general, I’ve had to let myself fall behind again. I haven’t forgotten you!!

But this post is not about that.

As Carol Anne asked me earlier today, it is Friday, and tonight, the Lotto Max draw is offering a total jackpot of 60 million dollars, PLUS 28 prizes of a million each! Needless to say that I am keeping my fingers crossed for all of us!

Send your good vibes… And be assured that you’ll be the first to know (right after Chéri’s bleeding ears) when I know!

Have a fabulous weekend!!









4 thoughts on “Just thinking…

  1. So I moved house and the take away/home delivery place that does Poutine says I’m out of reach for them! Worse news ever. I tried to tell them how serious the situation is but no reaction of compassion.


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