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I am a Unicorn! (and other shenanigans)

Hello Lovelies!

A wise person once said;


And I am not one who ignores wise people. So I am usually myself (although some people might sometimes wish I wasn’t) at all times. But today, as I was shopping at Wallmart, I happened to go through the impressive Halloween department, and an opportunity showed up!

I enjoy entertaining people, especially when they don’t know me, and I must say, I get an extra kick out of making Chéri uncomfortable with my silliness. I would bet he already knew he was in trouble when I spotted the display of different mascot heads. There were cats, wolves, bears, and suddenly I spotted it!


I doubt it surprised him, but he still couldn’t supress the ‘please just shoot me’ look in his eyes, when I put the unicorn head on, and said;

Take a picture!!




I was nice, though. I didn’t buy it. I didn’t even try!

I kept looking through the different costumes available… And I had a thought for the Master of Bitterness. Ok, I know Ben would probably not consider dressing up for Halloween, but if he ever did, I bet this would be the perfect costume he could get!




I know what you are thinking… How would it be possible to find an equally delicious-looking AND silhouette-flattering matching costume for Bitter Ben’s lovely wife?? Search no more, I did my homework, and here it is…




The rest of my shopping was quite boring and not worth any mention (or picture). By the time we exited the store, Chéri was again oblivious to the risk of me having another embarassing picture-taking episode.

But you know Murphy, and his laws are not to be taken lightly!

In the parking lot, something on the asphalt caught my eye, and when Chéri looked back, I was already kneeling down to take an even odder picture!




Not getting it, uh? Well, Suzanne from MyDangBlog will for sure, and you can catch up with the inside joke by reading her hilarious post here. (People do floss in the strangest places!!)

On a completely different subject, I just wanted to mention a couple of new things in The Cove…

First of all, although I’ve been very quiet on Twitter lately (Sorry Tweeters, I’ll be back soon, I promise) I have started working on developping my Instagram account. Most of the pictures I post there don’t get published on my blog, not to bore people who ‘follow’ me on both platforms. You are welcome to pay me a visit there, as I added a link in my sidebar.

I have also ‘opened’ an online boutique on RedBubble. It is not top notch just yet, but it is a start, and if you’d like to have a look and leave me a little note, you can find me here. I don’t have much hope for that project, but I thought I’d give it try anyway, for the fun of it! I’ll keep adding pictures as time goes on… Who knows? Some people might get interested…

Finally, good news! I have had our lottery ticket checked, and we won 22$!!  Woot woot! Ok, not even close to being able to change anyone’s life, but still. The jackpot hasn’t been won, meaning we’ll still have a shot at the 60 million this coming Friday. Keep them fingers crossed, hehehehehehe.

Well, that’s about it. I hope you guys are having a lovely beginning of the new week!

22 thoughts on “I am a Unicorn! (and other shenanigans)

    1. LOL Ever since you published that post, I’ve started seeing them everywhere… It is a plague! I usually spare Chéri the embarassment of having to stand by me while I take my shot, but I couldn’t resist today 😛

      And yes, I believe there was bacon on the costume! Ben would look delicious in it! Mouahahahaha


    1. Let’s hope it is just a preview… 22$ for this draw, 60 million next week, seems fair to me 😛

      I also thought the pizza costume was awesome… I can’t wait to have Ben’s thoughts about it 😛 I recommend trying to be a Unicorn to anybody! I felt magical… LOL xx


    1. Thank you Sunshine Gal 🙂 It was my first time as a Unicorn, and I am pretty sure I’d be an awesome one! Never say never, right? LOL I must say, I was very tempted to buy the head and start making selfies in all kinds of funny places! Chéri said it’d be complicated to carry around town just in case I wanted to take a picture, but I know it is just because I’d draw attention with my super Unicorn looks!! Mouahahahahaha I haven’t said my last word yet… (surprised?? :P)

      I hope you’re having a fabulous week, Gorgeous 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You would absolutely be an amazing unicorn! 🦄 you are one of a kind in the BEST way ever! Plus everyone loves unicorns and everyone loves you- so just makes sense I say!

        Lol why not go alll out?! I really do hope you rock it! Hope you are having a great week too, Cyra! 🤗


      1. You may not be a unicorn but you could be a magical elusive creature anyways 😝
        How’s things been? Is it getting cold over there yet? *Big hugs*


  1. Loved this post! The costumes are fun, and I see those flossing things all over the place too. I notice them more now, after reading My Dang Blog’s post about them. Here’s hoping Friday is our lucky day!


  2. You are a unicorn!!! Go Cyranny!

    That pizza costume would be perfect for Ben and I love how considerate you are in finding one for this wife as well. See you’re a unicorn. That being said, it’s so strange how the pizza actually looks greasy. LOL. Took me by surprise.

    I don’t understand why people throw their flossers on the ground EVERYWHERE, that being said I find it even stranger that people even have them to floss with while in a parking lot??? I mean this is a sanitary product that you are shoving between your teeth. Grosses me out to no end.

    I love your Instagram account! I signed up at Redbubble so I can follow you! Woot Woot! 🙂 ❤


  3. My granddaughter would love this. She was a unicorn last year. She’s attending a Halloween party based on the books in the “Redwall” series. She’s going as this character.

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