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Between bloggers – My ways


I always said that I wouldn’t tell others what to do, or how to do it. I still think that way.

To the most, I can provide tips and advices from my almost three years of blogging… I can talk about my personal experience, so far. And I couldn’t help but notice how my two previous talks between bloggers ( you can catch up with Part 1 and Part 2 ) raised a lot of attention. Both previous posts are amongst my most popular to this day. I guess sometimes, it just feels good to gather together and exchange about this hobby we all share, and give each other tricks and ideas about it.

What I’d like to adress tonight is a subject that oddly came up in a number of blogs I follow, just recently. It seems to be the talk of the town, and if I haven’t left any comments on these blogs, I’ve thought a lot about the question a lot.

So, what is that tricky question, that’s on so many people’s lips? Well, here it is…

How often should I post?

My answer to that might be a bit decieving, especially if you are new to blogging, and are seeking precious blogging wisdom.

I think anyone holding a blog should post just as they feel it. No more complicated than that… No magic number, no infaillible rule. Just post when it makes you happy, and as often as you want.

If you’re a regular in The Cove, you know that I usually publish several posts per day. I’ve done that for a while now, and it works for me. I know some bloggers who hit the “publish” key maybe once a month or less, and some who post ten or more times a day. There are pretty much as many ways of blogging as there are bloggers.

Here are a couple of points that explain why I blog the way I do (which is no better than any other’s, by the way).


  • I post a variety of things

A lot of bloggers have a very well defined niche. I am impressed by people who have a specific theme, a style or a subject that they focus on. If I was to write posts that have a real “signature”, I’d probably publish a lot less often. Once a day, or every couple of days would certainly be well enough.

But I post short fiction pieces, poetry, pictures and anecdotes. Most of them are short to read, and I almost always leave a couple of hours between new postings, to make sure not to “clutter” my readers’ Reader.


  • Reblogs don’t “count” to me

Everyday, I reblog The Word of the Day Challenge post, to help this alternative blog I take care of with Dee, Kate and Kristian. These take me a couple of seconds to prepare, and don’t qualify as an actual “post” to me.

The same way, when I promote another blogger’s piece of work, invite people to a Meet & Greet party or ask people to help a fellow blogger in need of a little hand, I don’t consider that as a post per say.


  • I don’t expect anyone to check out and/or “like” all my posts

I know that everyone has a long list of bloggers they follow. I am also aware that many people post several times a day. Therefore, I don’t expect anyone out there to follow my blog closely. I do appreciate the loyalty of those of you who do, and I am impressed that some faces show in the “like” or “comment” section of most of my posts (Thank you! You know who you are!)

As I mentioned previously, the styles and subjects in The Cove are varied, and I understand that some people just check out my poetry, and others will stick to my humorous stories, or my fiction pieces. Again, I can’t blame anyone for skipping posts.


  • I don’t schedule posts

I know some very disciplined bloggers schedule their posts. I don’t. I tried a couple of times, but I am too spontaneous to work like that on a daily basis. I like to publish my posts as soon as they are ready, and I have trouble keeping a finished piece in my draft folder.

Because of that, I might post five times one day, because I am off from work and not at all the next, because I am working twelve hours and too tired to pull a story out of my crazy brain.


I was told a couple of times that I posted too much. I can understand that point of view, and I did myself “unfollow” some blogs because the number of publications seemed overwhelming to me. I considered slowing down to a couple of times a week, but I realized it just wouldn’t be me.

So here’s my personal advice. Blog to make yourself happy. Post as often as you want. Publish what you like. Don’t try to please others, and don’t force yourself to fit in a box.

As a reader, read what you like, and don’t feel bad for skipping posts. And please, for your own sake, don’t compare yourself. More or less, there is no magic formula.

I’d be glad to read your thoughts about the subject! Don’t be shy, and let me know what you think!



42 thoughts on “Between bloggers – My ways

  1. Shame on whoever said you post too much., GoT – “Shame, shame, shame…” yikes. I positively agree with everything you wrote. I feel exactly the same way. Or like they used to say….do your own thing!😂💙💜❤️💚

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    1. People don’t say it in a mean way, I am aware of that… It is more of an “I have trouble keeping up with you” message. But still, I had to think about it, because I read many many other bloggers saying that, as followers, they prefered blogs not posting more than once a day.

      You post several times a day too, and it seems to work well. I really like you and your writing!! Thank you for your support, Cheryl 🙂 xx


  2. I post about twice per week on average. Yes, my stats drop drastically between posts, but I am slowly garnering a following (250 followers as of yesterday). My posts are short, so readers can finish the post in a couple of minutes, and I don’t post about anything that’s not meaningful to me in some way. I thank you for confirming that we should post according to our own preferences. I think that’s what I’ll keep doing!

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    1. Well first of all, congratulations for the great milestone!! That’s fantastic 🙂

      I think a lot of people want to please, to get more “likes” and visits, rather than actually enjoy blogging. I am glad to see that you have your own rhythm that works for you 🙂 And you are absolutely right, we should only post if the subject is meaningful to us.. Always great to read you, Candice! Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this 🙂 xx

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    1. I really enjoy following you, Tony 🙂 Your makes us feel like we are part of your life through your short, frequent posts, and I like that! I love that last sentence… And yes, I’ll keep doing things my way in The Cove for and with the people who enjoy their time here 🙂 Thanks for being there! xx


  3. I post when I have something to say. But I also try to schedule some days to post. I usually try to post a Monday Minstrel post which can be humor or history or whatever. Sometimes like the past two weeks i have been so busy with my daughter’s wedding and now with a horse show I have not got time or inspiration to post too much. I enjoy your posts and the “after eight” posts.

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    1. Thank you Anne 🙂 You raise an interesting point here… When “real life” gets in the way, for good or bad reasons, it is good to be comfortable not posting. It is ok to take some time off to enjoy life, or take care of problems.

      Congratulations for your daughter’s wedding 🙂 🙂 🙂 xx


  4. what? post TOO MUCH???? are they Insane or just jealous? I go with the jealous! love your posts! love your tips..gonna ignore the tips (of course I am..cause…you know……it’s almost a rule and I don’t do rules unless they are mine and even then? not so much) what were we speaking about? Dunno anymore.

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    1. Mouahahahahaha dear Madame Suze… I never even dreamed that you’d sometime follow any tip or rule 😉 I might be silly, but I am not stupid 😛

      Seriously though, I really don’t think these people didn’t say that in a mean way. They probably meant that they couldn’t keep up. But that will not stop me. I am being a bit slower, posting-wise these days because summer is a busy time at work, and I don’t have as much time during my shifts anymore… But I’ll be back with crazy ideas again in no time, most certainly 😉 Muuuuahh!


  5. Great post! Yes do what makes you happy and your happiness will pour out into your posts ,just like yours does! 🙂
    Like you I am spontaneous as well and don’t schedule posts and had to laugh for yes I don”t have the patience either to keep it in my draft folder! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Joy 🙂 Your comments always make me smile! You’re just the sweetest 🙂

      It is a crime in The Cove to send posts to the “draft” file. I feel like I’m punishing them 😛


  6. Well said. I firmly believe that people should do whatever they want with their sites. Post as much or as little, read as much or as little as they want to. Who hell is anyone to tell you that you post too much. Whatever. Post as much as you want to.

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    1. I doubt often, but I think it is healthy to do so… With this said, I don’t plan on changing my ways of blogging… I am ok with people “unfollowing” me, if they feel I am flooding their Reader. I don’t do this to get on people’s nerves 😛 hhehehehehe

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  7. I’m with you on this …. one should post when (and what) one wants to. After all ….. who in their right mind posts something when they DON’T want to? What would be the point?

    Actually, I suspect people sometimes DO post when they don’t want to. Which seems like madness to me. Is it some sort of ill-directed sense of obligation?

    And the fact is that, right at the moment, I can’t think of a single thing to say that might be evenly remotely interesting to anyone else.

    And there’ll be no posts from me until that changes.

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    1. I am sorry to see that you are in that kind of “place” right now… Send me a little note if you want to talk about it.

      I do believe that some people post aiming at what their readers want to read. I don’t. Of course, interest in some of my stories inspire me to go on, but I always have the last word.

      Hope to read you again soon 🙂 xx


  8. I agree… blogging is very personal and we all do it for different reasons. How often we post is truly part of the overall picture. There is no set number that is “right”… although posting regularly will increase your following faster than posting once a month. I did unfollow someone who reposted over 50 news articles in one evening. She couldn’t have done it all in that time…she must have scheduled it. But because the blogs I follow most closely (as I did hers) I have in my notifications it was painful so I unfollowed her. So as long as it’s not extreme…I’d say go with what you feel. 😊

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    1. Thank you Dee 🙂 The same happened to me with a (very) prolific artist from Russia, I used to follow. He had interesting content, but the posts were so constant that it flooded my Reader, and it was just too much. I also unfollowed a blogger who used to reblog some of my posts… I appreciated the reposting, but that person was just too active for me to keep up. We all have our limits, and have to respect them 🙂 xx

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  9. You made a lot of sense in this post and I share the same thoughts with you. I think people should post as often as they can and if any blogger feels overwhelmed with notifications, then they should hit the snooze button if there is anything like that on WP. Otherwise, the unfollow button is another good option. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Stella 🙂 I totally agree… And I can’t emphasize enough on how I don’t expect people to follow everything I do. Especially when I am having a good week, and words ooze out of me LOL

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  10. Good advice. I think Mydangblog is smart to post once a week. I’m sure others do that as well. I am not that disciplined. I post when the nagging voice in my head wants to spin words together and when it fits into my life. I definitely get better traffic when I post consistently so if it’s numbers you’re after I’m sure there is some algorithm that optimizes views.

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    1. I agree, Bryce, being constant is definately the key if you’re looking for numbers. But I don’t care too much for stats. I just like throwing out what’s lingering in the back of my head when I have ideas… After all, this is just a hobby, right? 🙂 Awww if I could get paid to do this, how much fun would that be… *sigh* lol

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